Call for Applications: Research-in-Residence Fellowships at the PICAIS

Call for Applications: Research-in-Residence Fellowships at the Passau International Centre for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Passau/Germany in 2023 and 2024


Each year, the Passau International Centre for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies invites applications worldwide from promising junior researchers at the postdoctoral level as well as from internationally established academics for Research-in-Residence Fellowships at the University of Passau in Lower Bavaria/Germany. The mobility programme funds full-time fellowships for short-term stays of at least two months, preferably longer. The funding period will be arranged individually.


PICAIS promotes interdisciplinary research aligned with the University's strategic guiding themes, supporting interdisciplinary project ideas that break new ground in terms of the topics examined and the methods employed. We seek candidates with a strong research background in their own discipline, who are open to engage in interdisciplinary scientific activities.


The programme’s main objectives are to create a free working space, support joint research projects, enhance early career training and promote interaction between our invited fellows and local researchers. Fellowship applications must, therefore, be endorsed by a member of the University of Passau, who will act as the host and submit a supporting letter as part of the proposal.


The PICAIS programme is open to

  • applicants from all disciplines represented at the University of Passau, including the humanities, social sciences, business studies, economics, law, computer science and mathematics; and to
  • all research topics and methodologies.


Fellows are provided with office space, computer facilities and a full-time fellowship, paid as lump sum, which covers the cost of accommodation and living expense, travel costs/mobility allowance and a research costs contribution.



- The deadlines for applications are March 15th and October 17th for fellowships in 2023 and 2024.

- To apply, please send your application by e-mail.

- You will find detailed information regarding the content of the application, eligibility criteria and selection procedure online.


For further information on the PICAIS programmes, please consult our website: