Required documents


Documents required during application for studies at:  

Bachelor level

  1. Legalized High School graduation certificate or equivalent with the decision about nostrification (learn more about nostrification procedure here)
  2. Legalized High School transcript of grades
  3. Certificate confirming access to higher education in your country (sample in attachment) /this document may be found under names: eligibility statement/migration certificate. Not required if your high school certificate doesn't have to be nostrified. 
  4. Certificate confirming  English Language knowledge on B2 level
  5. Passport photocopy
  6. Digital passport size photo (guideline)
  7. CV*
  8. Cover Letter*

Master level

  1. Legalized Bachelor or Master degree certificate
  2. Legalized Transcript of grades/supplement from bachelor or master studies
  3. Certificate confirming  English Language knowledge on B2 level
  4. Passport photocopy
  5. Digital passport size photo (guideline)
  6. CV*
  7. Cover Letter*
  8. Recommendation letter**

* Required for Bachelor of Biotechnology, Master of Medical Biotechnology, Master of Image Communication - Communication Management, Master of Tourism and Hospitality, Master of Data Science

** Required only for Master of Data Science and Master of Medical Biotechnology


1. All educational documents need to be legalized by Polish Consulate or Apostille in the country of issue.

2. To receive positive decision over your admission it is required to:

  • fulfill all requirements of documentation
  • fulfill all additional requirements required for the selected program
  • stick to the indicated deadlines
  • receive positive opinion of studies coordinator



 Original certificate or its duplicate need to be legalized by:

1) Polish consul in the country where the certificate was issued or in the country in which educational system a school operates;

2) if a certificate was issued by a country – party to the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, an original certificate, its duplicate or a notarial copy with an Apostille placed on it or attached to any of those documents must be submitted.




On October 5, 1961 the several nations joined to create the simplified method of legalizing documents through the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.

If your country accepts the Apostille (also called Apostille Certificate or Certificate) as a form of international document legalization your degree must be certified by Designated Competent Authorities.



Nostrification process is recognition of certificates or the level of education or rights to continue education (considering bachelor candidates only). This process can be done only in Poland, you can do it personally after arrival to Wroclaw or by authorizing the agency/family member. To know more about procedure, required documents and download needed forms please check dedicated card on our website.    


II. Recognition of a certificate or a level of education or the right to continue education is not necessary in case of:

  1. certificates or other documents issued by schools operating in educational systems of EU, OECD or EFTA members, which allow access to higher education institutions in those countries (at present: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Mexico, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy).
  2. IB diplomas (International Baccalaureate) issued by International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva
  3. EB diplomas (European Baccalaureate) issued by European Schools in accordance with the Convention drawn up in  Luxembourg on 21 June 1994;
  4. certificates issued in countries with which Poland has signed bilateral agreements concerning the recognition of education (certificates issued under the agreements which expired will still be recognized on the basis of those agreements).

The list of bilateral agreements can be found at:

If a certificate or other document qualifies the holder to apply for admission to only certain departments (in certain fields of study) in the country of issuance, also in Poland he / she can apply to the same or similar departments.






2. All documents need to be translated into English or Polish Language by sworn translator.