Erasmus + Partner Countries

Erasmus + Partner Countries (KA107) is an educational program financed by the European Commission. The program allows  to funding a semester stay at a partner university outside the European Union.


List of partner universities, the number of available places along with the fields of studies:

PROJECT KA171 2022

  1. Azerbaijan - Khazar University ( Political Science, European Studies, International Relations, Earth Sciences, History, Archaeology -only PHD students – 1 slot
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina - International University of Sarajevo (Political Science, European Studies, International Relations, Biology, Biotechnology, Journalism, Communication Management - no vacancies; University of Banja Luka (Political Science, European Studies, International Relations, Serb and  Croatian Philology, Sociology, Cultural Studies) - 1 slot
  3. Montenegro – University of Montenegro (Political Science, European Studies, International Relations, Russian Philology, Serb and Croatian Philology, Philosophy)-  1 slot
  4. Jordan - Applied Sciences Private University Amman (Political Science, European Studies, International Relations,. Business, Economics) -only PHD students - 1 slot
  5. Kosovo - University of Pristina 'Hasan Pristina' (German Philology, Journalism, Communication Management, Political Science, European Studies, International Relations) - 1 slot
  6. Albania - Mediterranean University of Albania (Political Science, European Studies, International Relations, Psychology, Journalism, Communication Management)- 1 slot



Funding from the ERASMUS + program


The Erasmus grant is complementary and aims to cover the increased costs of living and accommodation abroad. It is funded by the EU. Students during the Erasmus+ mobility retain the right to receive any other granted scholarships, i.e. research scholarships, Rector’s  scholarships, etc.


The amount of the 1-month grant for outgoing students is EUR 700 per month and is the same for all partner countries.

Additionally, each mobility participant will receive a one-time travel grant calculated in accordance with the distance calculator:



from 10 to 99 km:

20 € per participant

from 100 to 499 km:

180 € per participant

from 500 to 1 999 km:

275 € per participant

from 2 000 to 2 999 km:

360 € per participant

from 3 000 to 3 999 km:

530 € per participant

from 4 000 to 7 999 km:

820 € per participant

8 000 km or more:

1500 € per participant


The minimum financing period is 3 months. The maximum funding is granted for 5 months.

The Erasmus + Mobility cannot exceed the mobility capital of 12 months. It is the mobility capital that counts two types of mobilities - under the Erasmus + Programme and Erasmus + Partner Countries.

Recruitment for a mobility:

Recruitment of students for mobility takes place at the faculties.

The rules and stages of recruitment for mobilities within Erasmus + Partner Countries are the same as the stages of recruitment for mobility under Erasmus +


In the Erasmus + Partner Countries Programme, students are not required to participate in the on-line language support (OLS).

Financial agreement between the University and the student leaving for studies.


Health insurance:

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) do not work in the Partner Countries, therefore each mobility participant should buy a private policy of one of the commercial insurance companies. The insurance has to be valid in the partner country.

We recommend to purchase the EURO>26 card which allows its holders to obtain various discounts, and provides insurance against accidents.  This type of insurance is valid in the whole world (excluding USA and Canada).


The copy of the private insurance policy must be submitted in International Office before student’s departure to the partner university.

  Settlement of the scholarship