How can I apply?

Please check admission procedure details here: click

You can also check the youtube short video - GO TO YOUTUBE


Can I apply in your office?

Please know that it is impossible to apply for studies at the University of Wroclaw in person; depending on your citizenship and language of studies that you choose, you should apply via https://international-applications.uni.wroc.pl/ or https://rekrutacja.uni.wroc.pl/


Can I apply to several programmes?

Yes, but please remember that you should pay the registration fee (23 euro/35 euro) for each application.


I want to study medicine/dentistry/environmental engineering…

Please know that the University of Wroclaw offers studies in English in the humanities, social sciences, law, business, biotechnology, and chemistry. We do not offer studies related to medicine or engineering. In Poland there are usually universities specialising in those areas, so you can try to find a technical university or a medical one.


What are admission requirements?

Please check all the details here: click


I am attaching to this e-mail my diploma, English certificate, CV, recommendation letters, etc. Please send me the acceptance letter.

Please be informed that we do not accept applications for studies via e-mail, please check the admission procedure here: click and register in our admission system IRC (https://international-applications.uni.wroc.pl/) and submit your application there.


I will receive my diploma in summer/autumn. Can I apply now?

Please know that we can only assess an application that is complete – so it must include your diploma/degree certificate.


Do you have spring/summer enrolment?

Please know that we do not offer spring/summer enrolment. Studies at our University always start at October. 


I want to apply for next year admission, how can I do it?

You will need to wait until the admission system will be open. The details about admission of current year are announced few days before opening of admission. The admission mostly starts around end of February and beginning of March, that varies from year to year. 


Can I start my studies in the next semester?

Please know that it is not possible at the University of Wroclaw. Studies can be started in autumn/winter semester only.


How much is the tuition fee?

Please check tuition fee details here: click


Am I eligible if my GPA is n?

Please know that we do not make a decision whether you are eligible to start your studies. The International Office team checks if the documents that you hold are sufficient to take up studies at the University of Wroclaw. The final decision is made on the basis of your grades, cover letter (if required), and English proficiency by the Faculty Committee.  Please know that there is no exact GPA required, but please remember that it is always better to have good grades in courses that are related to your future programme of studies.


I have had n year gap. Can I apply?

Yes, study gap is not a problem.


When will the results of admission be announced?

Please know that each application is evaluated individually and the result is given within two weeks from the submission of a complete application and registration fee.


Do you have any entrance exams?

Please know that there are no entrance exams for studies in English, besides Master in Data Science and doctoral schools.


Can I postpone my admission for the next academic year?

No, that is not possible. You will need to apply from the beginning (and result may be different) but you can use same account for that.


Can I be rejected?

To receive positive decision over your admission it is required to:

  • fulfill all requirements of documentation
  • fulfill other recruitment conditions specified for the selected program
  • stick to the indicated deadlines
  • receive positive opinion of studies coordinator

If any from mentioned above is not fulfilled candidate can be rejected from the programme.


I received official negative decision of my admission, what to do?

If you received official negative decision signed by Rector of the University of Wroclaw you may appeal against this decision to the Rector of the University of Wrocław within 14 days from the receipt of this decision. The appeal have to take form of an official document and have to contain the exact grounds for the appeal (+ enclosed negative decision from which one you want to appeal). Document should be provided to the Vice-Rector for Teaching  by post (Uniwersytecki 1, room 238, 50-137 Wrocław) or by e-mail: prorektor.nauczanie@uwr.edu.pl (cc: international@uwr.edu.plDuring the period provided to file an appeal you may waive your right to do so. On the day the declaration on the waiver of the right to file the appeal is delivered to the Rector the decision becomes binding and final.





Which documents are required?

Please check the list of required documents here: click


What kind of photo do I need to upload?

Please check all information in the photo guideline


What are the CV requirements?

There are no special requirements – your CV should include informations about you, your interests, previous education, work experience, etc. Show us your best side!


What are the motivation/cover letter requirements?

There are no special templates for it. You should include information about you, your background and experience, motivation of studying this programme, how it is connected with your educational interest etc. Let us know why you are the best candidate for this programme, how it will help you grow.


What is 'the document confirming access to higher education'?

This is additional document confirming that your High School Diploma gives you access to higher education in the country that your education was provided. This document need to contain your name, surname, number of diploma/certificate and a sentence directly stating about eligibility to continue education at the university level in country of your high school education (important: not in Poland, even if you provide this document to Polish institution). In some countries this document have its own name, for example eligibility statement in Nigeria or migration certificate in India or Pakistan. You can check sample in this attachment.This document is required for nostrification procedure (more here) and is required only from applicants for Bachelor studies with exceptions (list of countries that do not need to provide it is here).


How can I legalise my documents?

Please know that there are two ways, but it is not your or our choice how you will do it. The procedure depends on the country the document was issued in. If your certificate/diploma has been issued in the country that is a part of Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (details here) you should apply for Apostille. In other cases your documents must be legalised by a Polish Consul in your country (if there is no Polish Embassy/Consulate General in your country you should check which the Embassy/Consulate General of Poland that is responsible for this country). Please bear in mind that this is a procedure separate from applying for a visa and it is not going to be done automatically with your visa application, even if the visa procedure requires showing a diploma/certificate from you.

Check short guide about this process here.


I have my diploma legalised from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is that enough?

No, it is not enough, but it is a good first step – usually it is needed to legalise it in a Polish Embassy.


Do I need to legalize my documents before admission?

Yes, due to the ordinance it is required to provide scan of documents with legalization.


When will I receive final documents?

Please know that the final documents (Final Acceptance Letter and Visa Supporting Letter) are issued immediately after your acceptance of offer form has been signed and we have registered your payment for the first year of studies. Please note that international transfers can take more time than domestic ones, so do not be worried if you will not get the letter right away.


I need insurance for my visa/temporary residence card. How to do it?

Please, check it out here.


What kind of medical insurance will i need?

You should provide us your health insurance that confirms the coverage by the insurer of medical costs in the territory of Poland for the amount of minimum 30 000 euro. Document should be provided in english or polish (if you plan to apply for temporary residence card you will need it in polish) and be valid for at least first year of studies. 





I submitted application yesterday, but did not receive any response…

Please know that we have two weeks to check your application from the day we receive the complete application and the registration fee payment.


I cannot attach a photo. Can you do it for me?

Please know that we cannot do it for you. Please use Paint/Picresize to change the size. Please remember that we cannot use a picture that is taken against the background of sea/fridge/couch/beach/mountains, etc. We can only accept passport size photos against white/light background.


I attached missing documents, but I still see them on the TO-DO list.

Please know that now is the time for us to check it, if your documents are okay they will disappear from the list.


When will my application be checked?

Please know that the applications are checked in order from oldest to newest and we have two weeks to check each. If your application is complete and you paid the registration fee payment we will check it soon.


Can I submit my application without a diploma/transcript/English certificate?

Please be informed that of course we cannot stop you, but you need to know that we will not be able to assess your application.


Is there any update on my application?

Please check your application status in the IRC system: https://international-applications.uni.wroc.pl/


What is the exact meaning of my status?

New - you made your application but we can't see it as long as you will not fill our all needed information, pay registration fee and click the button to submit the application

Submitted - your application was submitted but we can proceed only after receiving confirmation of your payment on our bank account it can take up to 14 days (depends on country, in some cases even longer)

Incomplete - there are missing documents in your application, probably you received e-mail with all instruction on what to do now so read it carefully, also the information is shown after login, in the system

Expired - if you passed the deadline to complete some steps on your application this information will be shown, please contact us in case you want to refresh your application and continue with admission, we will help you if it will be still possible

Coordinator - we are waiting for the assessment of your application 

Refused - your application was refused, probably your education was insufficient for this programme

Letter of Offer - you received an offer yo study at the University of Wroclaw, the time to make decision is stated in the system 

Accepted - you accepted the offer, but you didn't pay the fee yet

Tuition fee paid - you paid the fee but we can't proceed as long as the amount didn't reach our account

Final Acceptance - you were accepted to the University of Wroclaw, please read e-mail which you received - now you need to apply for visa (if required), legalize your documents and apply for dormitory (if you wish) - all instructions are in the system e-mail, please fill out information about arrival

Refund - you applied for refund, if the documentation is complete we will proceed, if not - you will receive an e-mail with instructions

Refunded - we forwarded your forms to authorities to receive required acceptances and proceed with transfer by our Financial Department, the refund will be done within few days (up to 14 days)





What language are the lesson taught in?

Lessons from programmes in following list (click) are lectured in English.


What are English language requirements?

Please find all the details here: click


I had few courses in English, can I use it as my confirmation of English language proficiency?

Please know that only previous education fully taught in English can be used as a form of confirmation. That as well must be stated on your educational documents (either transcript or diploma).


I was on exchange programme for one semester and my lessons were conducted in English. Can I use it as my confirmation of English language proficiency?

That is not possible. Please know that only previous education fully taught in English can be used as a form of confirmation. 


Do you have a preparatory English/Polish course?

Please know that the University of Wroclaw units offer intensive language courses, but graduating from those does not guarantee admission for studies in English or Polish. If you want to learn more about the courses, please check http://sjpik.uni.wroc.pl/en for a Polish and http://elc.uni.wroc.pl/en for an English language course or contact with them directly.


I have IELTS, but I lack a few points. Am I eligible?

Please know that you can apply, but you need to remember that the Faculty Committee can reject your application because of that.


I do not have IELTS, TOEFL, etc…. What should i do?

Please check all the English requirements here  and choose the best option for you.


Do you accept Duolingo or IELTS Indicator?

Yes, we do accept some of the online conducted exams. Please know that if you plan to use it for admission you have to send us your scores via the system that the exam provides, so we can access the score and confirm it.





I have Polish citizenship, but I want to study in English. How can I apply?

Please know that it is not a problem for us, you can still study in English, but you need to go through another procedure to get the acceptance letter. Please check it here: click


I have two citizenships: Polish and American/German, etc. How can I apply?

In that case you should apply for your studies via https://rekrutacja.uni.wroc.pl/?re=letnia&st&po&tr&an=on  If one of your citizenships is Polish, you should know that in Poland you cannot be treated as a foreigner.


The embassy has asked me to provide them with the original acceptance letter from the University. Please, send it to me ASAP.

Please be informed that we can send it to you, but we can only use the Polish Post and it can take up to 3 weeks depending on the country of destination. If you want to have it earlier you should order a courier service like DHL/FedEx/TNT, but you need to remember that we will not be able to cover the costs.


I can not book a visa interview, can the University help me?

The University serves as a third party in the visa application process and does not have its own visa interview slots. As per the Embassy's request, the University cannot be involved in the visa application process. Visa matters are considered private affairs of the candidate for studies. The University can provide support regarding the necessary documentation confirming student status but cannot directly participate in the application process itself.


How can I prepare myself for the visa interview?

We prepared short video with some tips - GO TO YOUTUBE


What if I do not receive a visa?

Please know that in that case you may apply for a refund of your fee according to our  refund policy: click. Please remember that you also have the right to appeal to a Polish Consul in your country.


Does the University help with an application for residence permit?

Please note that we will provide you with all required information, application form, and the documents confirming your status as a student (in the first semester, starting from the second semester you should ask for it in the Dean’s Office). Please know that we are unable to book an appointment in the Immigration Office for you and we do not have any influence on the process itself.


I can’t book appointment at Immigration Office and my visa is going to expire soon. What can I do?

Please know that you always have possibility to send the application with copies of documents by post. You must send them at the latest on the last day of your visa's validity (the date on the postmark counts). Don’t forget to take the confirmation from the Post Office. After around 2,5 month from sending it you should visit the Immigration Office to give your fingerprints and show your passport and another original documents. (you will have to receive a ticket from automat so be sure to go to the Office in the early morning as there is specific number of tickets).


How to fill the application form for Temporary Residence Card?

Each of our students receive from us set of informational pages, among others – the instruction how to fill out the temporary residence application together with needed words in Polish. The form by itself contains the instruction in English as well. Fill the form in Polish and do not leave any of the areas empty (if it do not apply to you just cross it out and give your little signature near). Remember that you can always visit our office and we will help you with the application form.


Immigration Office asks about confirmation of the stable and regular source of income sufficient to cover the costs of maintenance of myself and family members recognized as dependants. How much should be confirmed?

Please know that you should have:

  • 702,00zł for every month of stay (first TRC is given for 15months) for a person running household alone
  • the amount to cover the cost of return ticket to your home country 
  • the amount to cover the cost of your rent for every month of stay





What are the funding options?

There are no funding options offered by the University of Wroclaw.  We accept scholarships from NAWA or Visegrad. 


Do you have scholarships for international students?

Please be informed that we do not offer scholarships that cover the tuition fee or more. As our student you can apply for a Rector’s scholarship for the best students starting from your second year of studies. Also you can check scholarship opportunities offered by Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange: click and Go-Poland: click .


Can I pay in USD/PLN?

Please note that our bank account is in euro. If you pay in USD or PLN we will still receive euro, but due to the bank exchange rate you can lose some amount of money and it is not going to be equal to the amount that you paid.


Can I pay in installments?

Please know that it is impossible in the first year of studies.


I will apply for Visegrad Scholarship. Can I get Pre-acceptance Letter?

Please be informed that we do not issue Pre-acceptance Letters, but we can issue special confirmation for you. The document will contain information about that you applied for studies at the  University of Wroclaw and your application is in the admission process. In the last years such document was enough for Visegrad Fund. To receive this document please create an account, make an application, choose in the system that you are applying for Visegrad Fund scholarship and submit your application. After that you will be able to download Visegrad Confirmation document (there will be a button). 


I will apply for Visegrad Scholarship, do I have to pay registration fee?

Students which are applying for Visegrad scholarship do not need to pay registration fee, but if they will be not granted scholarship but still want to continue with their admission (by covering cost of studies by themselves) will have to pay it together with tuition fee payment. 


Should I pay the registration/tuition fee in euro?

Please know that our account is in euro, so that is the best option for you and for us.





What is the refund procedure?

You can find all the details here: click 


Where to apply for refund?

On your account in the application system: www.international-applications.uni.wroc.pl 


How long does it take?

From the moment of receival of your complete refund application (with all required documents, correctly filled out) we have 14 days to proceed.


I made registration fee payment, but decided not to study, can I get refund?

If you didn't submitt your application - yes, please contact us by e-mail on international@uwr.edu.pl prior to applying for refund. If you submitted your application please know that the refund is not possible per our refund policy.


Do I need to submitt any additional documents?

If you didn't apply for visa you need to provide us scan of your passport (all pages, even empty ones, they need to be visible, number of page and passport readable on every of tem). If you received visa refusal - you need to provide us copy of that letter and if you already received visa you will be asked to cancell it and provide confirmation of that.


I got visa but have to resign from studies, can I apply for refund?

Please know that if you will resign before commencement of studies even if you received visa you will be able to apply  for refund. You will need to provide us visa cancelation document in order to proceed.


Can I choose other account for refund than the one I paid from?

It has to be your account, account of partent or the account from which we received your payments.


Can you make my refund in USD?

No, that is not possible. Our account is in euro so if you will give us account in any other currency in your refund form you may loose some amount due to bank currency exchange. 


What account number I should provide?

There may be a problem with receiving the refund for bank account in following countries:  Republic of Burundi, Egypt, Eritrea, Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma), Lebanon, Libya, Republic of Congo, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Republic of Guinea, Central African Republic, Somalia, Tunisia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Sudan and Crimea

Due to bank sanctions and other regulations we  can't receive payments and send transfers toAfghanistan, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Botswana, Cambodia, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Russian Federation, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe


I paid 3673 euro but received 3500 euro refunded / 3173 euro but received 3000 etc. Why?

Please check our refund policy (click) before you pay and sign the acceptance of offer form.  The amount refunded is reduced by an administrative fee which is 150 Euro. Please remember that the registration fee (23 euro) is non-refundable.


Can you refund me money via Western Union/online, etc.?

Please know that we cannot do that. We can only make bank transfers.


I have submitted my refund form and I still did not receive any information…

Please know that we have two weeks to proceed it. To be sure that your refund will be made as soon as possible, please check if you did everything according to the refund policy: click. If we have a problem with proceeding your refund, we will contact with you by e-mail so be sure to check it sometimes :)

There are two statuses during the refund procedure:

Refund - you applied for refund, if the documentation is complete we will proceed, if not - you will receive an e-mail with instructions

Refunded - we forwarded your forms to authorities to receive required acceptances and proceed with transfer by our Financial Department, the refund will be done within few days (up to 14 days)




Can I transfer from another university?

Please know that transfers are possible after the first year of studies, but there is no specific procedure for that. Please know that each Faculty can have rules for transfer, so the best option for you is to contact a coordinator (list of coordinators)  of the programme that you are interested in directly.


Can I change my programme of studies after being accepted?

Please know that it is not possible. Please think through carefully which program you want to study before you apply.





Will I have a place in a dormitory?

Please know that we offer accommodation in the University dorms. You can apply for it by the website of dorm administration (all informations will be provided to you during the application for studies process). You can book a place in a double or triple room. Please also know that it is not possible to book a single room in advance. Please know that we have no influence on the dorm or room that you will be assigned to. If you want to change it, you can try after your arrival directly in the administration office of the dorm. 

Please remember that you can also find accommodation by yourself using such websites as https://www.olx.pl/, https://www.otodom.pl/ or check private dorms (e.g. https://studentdepot.pl/pl/dormitory-wroclaw, https://las.com.pl/, https://milestone.net/location/milestone-wroclaw-olbin/, https://basecampstudent.com/student/wroclaw/)

If you start full-degree studies in English  at the  University of Wroclaw as an international student please know that you need to apply for dormitory directly by the website by which you apply for studies. After payment of tuition fee you will receive Final Admission documents and an option to apply for dorm will be visible on your account.   


How to apply for dormitory?

If your status is on Final Acceptance please know that you can apply for the Accommodation at the UWr. You need to login to the system, choose the application with mentioned status, fill out the box called “Accommodation” and this is how we will receive your application for dorm for the first year of studies. In case of problems, requests, questions about accommodation please contact with sprawystudenckie@uwr.edu.pl

If you will want to apply for dormitry for your next year of study you need to follow the timetable of registrations in your USOS system. Please check this website: https://uwr.edu.pl/en/student-houses/ 


How much does accommodation cost?

Please know that all the details about dorm pricing are here: click


How does the accommodation look like?

You can check the photos in the album.


What are the living costs in Wroclaw?

Please check the details here: click


Can I work in Poland?

Please know that the basic National visa type D for studies gives the right to work, but you need to consider that studies should be your priority as this is the basis of your legal stay in Poland.


Will I have any job opportunities after graduating from University of Wroclaw?

Please know that Wrocław is one of the largest cities in Poland which is associated with a well-developed labor market. City organizes many job fairs during year. Our university offers help in searching for best option that fits your skills - students and graduates of Wocław University can contact in this matter with Career's Office: click.


I am a full-time student and I want to go on Erasmus. What should I do?

Check our website: click




I received Final Acceptance Letter / Letter of Offer last year and due to some situation I couldn’t start the programme. Can I come this year?

Please be informed that all documents regarding admission, that you are receiving from us, are valid only for current intake. Their date of expiring is indicated at every stage of application. If you want to study at the University of Wroclaw, even if you were already accepted before, you will have to reapply from the very beginning (but you can use your old account for that).


I have sent an e-mail and nobody answered…

Please know that we receive about 80-100 e-mails every day, so we need some time to answer them all. Please note that sending us 5 different emails in one day will not speed up this process :) 


I still have some additional questions...

Please know that we have an International Alumni Network and on our https://internationalalumni.uni.wroc.pl/ website you may find our Ambassadors from different countries. Don't hestitate to contact them to lear more about all the useful stuff.