Jennifer Dorman (USA)

MA Empirical and Theoretical Linguistics


I had researched linguistics programs at universities throughout Europe and, when I read about the ETHEL program (Empirical and Theoretical Linguistics) at the University of Wrocław, I knew that I had found a program that would provide the balance of linguistic theory and experimental innovation for which I had been searching. I started the ETHEL program with only superficial theoretical and practical background knowledge in the science of linguistics. The program is designed, however, to provide participants with a comprehensive foundation in all the core sub-disciplines within the field of linguistics. The modular structure scaffolded knowledge and skills in such a way as to allow me to begin to refine the direction of my personal research goals as early as the second semester, with full specialization by the third semester. The professors in the ETHEL program are extremely knowledgeable and highly supportive. They are responsive to the needs and interests of the students and often designed learning experiences based on topics that we were researching or planning to investigate. As part of the modular structure, I was able to study under leading linguists from around the world, some of whom visited the university to offer exclusive seminars and courses as part of the ETHEL program. I was also able to participate in the regular seminars and research discussions coordinated by the Center for Experimental Research on Natural Language at the University of Wrocław. Putting theory into hands-on practice is a core component of the ETHEL program. To that end, I was engaged in creating and implementing psycholinguistic experiments, including in the EEG and eye-tracking laboratories, and also assisted in the publication of an issue of Generative Linguistics in Wrocław (GLiW). I’ll leave the ETHEL program deeply enriched in both knowledge and experience. I’d highly recommend the ETHEL program to any student with an interest in linguistics and science who is seeking a challenge in a nurturing and inspiring environment.



Mariya Uzmorskaya (Uzbekistan)

Bachelor of Bussines and Administration

Studying in Europe was my dream. University of Wroclaw was a perfect choice, being one of the best universities in Poland, known for its excellence and outstanding graduates. Studying BBA program made me more confident about my future, I expanded my knowledge in many spheres, and got the awereness of the Business world I would like to enter once. Moreover, University organizes a lot of extracurricular lectures, workshops, seminars, that help to develop in different directions. Studying Still, one of my favourite things about studying here is that my classmates come from different parts of the world, which makes the environment at classes unique. Living far from home in international environment, I learned a lot not only about other cultures, but also about myself. Coming here was definitely one of the best decisions of my life.



Veranika Puhacheuskaya (Belarus)

MA Empirical and Theoretical Linguistics


The name of this Master’s program speaks for itself, as it uniquely covers theory and practice in equal proportion. To my knowledge, this is the only such program in Poland, definitely the only one offered in English, and the quality is unparalleled. Students have both theoretical subjects (such as formal syntax, formal semantics, and historical linguistics) and more empirical subjects (such as psycho- and neurolinguistics and phonetics) together with lab courses teaching them how to design, conduct, and statistically analyze their own experiments. The labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software applications, including an eye-tracker and an EEG apparatus, which are extremely exciting to work with. By the end of the first year, you will already know which area—theoretical or empirical—appeals to you more and in which you would like to specialize. The cohort is small enough to allow for continual feedback from teachers, all of whom are very helpful and knowledgeable, and students. This free exchange of ideas is very inspiring and gives you a lot of material for future research. The program also offers courses from esteemed guest professors. We had lectures on numerous language families, such as Mayan, Japanese, and Kwa, courses with researchers doing field work, and workshops on different experimental methods, such as the visual world paradigm or self-paced reading. Personally, I find psycho- and neurolinguistics to be the most fascinating areas of linguistics and they are very well covered in this program. ETHEL is also a great start if you would like to continue in academia and pursue a career in science. An extra advantage to this program is Wrocław itself, which, so far, is the greenest and the most attractive city I have ever lived in.



Behrad Kohar Khaneh Barhaghi (Iran)

Bachelor of Business and Administration

Europe being the biggest union among the states has been a great destination for students to come and further their knowledge specially in the studies like business, law, and finance. Opportunities such as doing Erasmus in different countries while getting an aid from union, union wide international businesses which grant you to transfer internally and so on, have been helpful for students from all around the world. Therefore, me, being one of those students who wanted to study business and expand my knowledge and experience, decided to come to Poland and study in the city of Wroclaw, one of the best and in the aim of most of the international companies, to study in the international environment of the University of Wroclaw while gaining experience on business world. Moreover, while searching amongst the academicians, I came across some of the best who work and teach in BBA program in university of Wroclaw. The atmosphere of the university and placement of Poland in the Europe has given me a chance to visit different countries and cities while trying to understand and learn their culture and history, which, all together have driven me to like my studies and the country. In addition to this, University of Wroclaw’s aim in the studies, to improve our current skills and gather new ones in this path has been very helpful for me in understanding how local and international businesses create their strategy and survive. At the end I must say that coming from a different studies, this experience has changed my mind and made me to rethink my decisions towards my academic future.



Hanna Kędzierska (Poland)

MA Empirical and Theoretical Linguistics

"There are at least a few reasons why I would recommend anyone considering ETHEL to give it a good chance. First, however obvious it may seem, the programme really is a great opportunity to further your knowledge about linguistics. Personally, I started knowing only the basics (and there were even areas, like computational linguistics or typology, I had barely heard about before that time) but, as the range of courses offered here is really wide, one can easily choose an area which interests them most (in my case, psycholinguistics). Then, and this is the second reason why I am really glad I have decided to participate in the programme, it is a perfect place to conduct your own scientific research, for instance, in order to write the MA thesis but sometimes also as part of other projects. This is primarily thanks to the extraordinary helpfulness of the instructors with whom one has contact all the time. Although (let us not kid ourselves) studying in a small group may occasionally have its drawbacks, I think this kind of individual approach is something rarely met and thus precious. Moreover, the programme is a great chance to meet people (both students and instructors) from all over the world, and learning something about languages whose existence one has not even expected. For instance, last term, we had visiting instructors who dealt with such exotic languages as Kwa or Daakie which was particularly interesting because one could find out more about the specificity of the field work the researches had done. What I enjoyed most, however, were the classes devoted to reading about (and finally designing ones' own) experimental research, mostly focused on speech production and processing. I find fascinating how, with the aid of various psycholinguistic methods, from the relatively simple (e.g. priming) to the more advanced ones (e.g. ERP),  it is possible to investigate the factors which affect language processing and find out about the, sometimes very surprising, differences between, for instance, kids and adults, or first and second language users."



Ulugbek Kholikov (Uzbekistan)

Bachelor of Business and Administration

I have been studying here for 2 years and it seems to me that I am home already after I found a very caring and homely environment at the University of Wroclaw where the faculty stuff and the people in the university are exceptionally supportive. It is hard to not fall in love with these classic architectural places, and I have to say that I was never expecting to study in this atmosphere, open-minded people around. I am sure anyone who wants to study and travel should come to Wroclaw and he/she will thank me later) and he/she will use exactly the same word #Wroclove in a few months which is the most common hashtag in the profile of students in social life.



Paula Liczbańska (Poland)

MA Empirical and Theoretical Linguistics

"Language is the key to the knowledge of the world. The most valuable and important information transfers happen every day through the most usual and effortless conversations. This complex process of exchanging ideas lets people express their opinions, feelings and emotions. It connects people on many levels and builds up interpersonal relations. Thanks to language we can observe and keep the record of intensive growth and progress in all areas of life, not to mention the scientific field. Choosing to understand people is to deliberately choose to understand language. This leads to getting acquainted with the mechanisms of all communicational systems which gives us the very special insight into the mechanisms that govern the world around us. The ETHEL program provides the opportunity to dig into mysterious and gripping topics of the origin and change, diversity and common properties of languages, as well as it introduces detailed structures of language systems. Students not only obtain a broad theoretical knowledge but also have access to modern psycholinguistic laboratories where they can conduct their own experiments. They are well-informed about the most crucial studies in linguistics and they get a chance to contribute to them. Students actively take part in lectures by putting forward new ideas, suggesting solutions to problems and creating their own analyses. After every influential lecture they seek for more. Apart from regular classes, ETHEL students participate in special lectures given by professors from reputable universities and they can travel to other universities/places to learn from specialists. This is one and only program in English that offers Master's Degree in linguistics, which is an advantage for foreigners but above all for Polish native speakers wanting to kill two birds with one stone - develop their knowledge of language and at the same time specialize in the scientific field with a huge potential. Specialists in linguistics have great job prospects and can choose from many different occupations. The ETHEL program teaches you to see the world in a different way, it arouses the curiosity, creativity and interest in everything around. Hence, you are on the right track to profit from strong foundations built with passion and commitment. ETHEL is the place where the humanistic and logical mind merge together." 



Mingzhe Fu (China)

Bachelor of Business and Administration

 If you like different couture? If you want to have special experience? Trust me come to Poland and study in university of wroclaw is good choose  . When I was study in my country I was think about to study abroad. Because I like challenge, different country different cuture appeals to me. I would like to have special experience. I choose Poland because of I have no idea about this country. I found information about university of wroclaw is one of the best university in Poland. When I came here and studying in BBA program. I am so glad I  choose here, peopre are friendly , it is easy make a friend here.One of my classmate she invited me join her family party of Christmas Day. It was amazing. So do not be afraid you are alone. Wroclaw is more international city. You can feel multiculture.  Study in BBA program is a perfact desision . Classmates are from different countries. We have really good perfosser. You can improve your knowledge. International office will help you on your life. Too many reasons why come here for study.    



Diana Madibekova

LLM International and European Law

Teaching staff at the university are incredibly helpful and eager to facilitate the academic environment, where students can fully accommodate and prepare themselves for constantly changing modern world. Campus life offers variety of extracurricular activities and atmosphere of the university encourages, inspires and motivates you to excel in everything you do. You can read more here.



Deborah Eduok (Nigeria)

BA International Relations - Global Studies

I am studying international relations and global studies. I have been living and studying in Wrocław for 8 months and I am having a good time here. Though it is not a city I imagined it to be but coming here and meeting amazing people has made me love this city. The architecture and the history behind this city is also very interesting! I am enjoying studying at the university.



Adam Aksnowicz (USA)

MA in Sociology - Intercultural Mediation 

I like studying at this university and living in Wrocław in general. I think Wrocław has a specific atmosphere for students and is a city with many opportunities, which makes it a special place. I have been to Wrocław before deciding to study here for my master's degree so I was happy to find a program in this beautiful and historic city.