In December 2005 the University of Wrocław joined the global student exchange network ISEP (International Students Exchange Programme). It has 250 participating universities from all over the world, including 132 from the USA.

In the first few years of our participation in the programme we offer only one-semester exchanges to the USA.

An outcoming student:

  • covers the cost of living of a foreign student who comes to the University of Wrocław as a part of the exchange by making a single payment of 5000 PLN (1000 PLN x 5 months)
  • pays the application fee of 100 $ 
  • pays the acceptance fee of 425 $
  • is exempted from tuition fees at the American University and receives free board and accommodation in a dormitory
  • covers the cost of insurance in the USA (aaprox. 200 $) and the cost of a visa (approx. 160 $),
  • covers the cost of registration in the SEVIS system, which is necessary to apply for a student visa (200$),
  • pays the cost of plane tickets

For more details, please contact:

Marta Bławat or

Urszula Broda:


The students who want to participate in the ISEP and some other exchange programme, such as Erasmus+, in the same academic year should read the internal regulations of the Institutes/Faculties regarding different mobilities taking place during the same academic year.  

More information at

Recruitment Procedure – I Phase

Under the ISEP (International Student Exchange Programmes)
- exchanges in 2025/2026 academic year

We are announcing the launch of the recruitment procedure for the ISEP.

In 2024/2025 academic year our students will have the opportunity to study for one semester in the USA.

We invite our 3rd-year BA students and 1st-year MA full-time students to participate in the programme.

The condition to take part in the recruitment is to complete at least one year of studies (undergraduate or graduate) at the University of Wrocław.

Those interested should submit the following documents to the International Office by 20 November 2024:

  • CV ( in Polish),
  • cover letter (in Polish),
  • two letters of recommendation from the UWr academic teachers, including one from the director of the Institute* (in English, on headed paper with contact details),
  • certificate on overall average grade (in Polish) – the minimum grade is 4.0,
  • TOEFL certificate confirming English proficiency (if you do not have a TOEFL certificate, during the first phase of the recruitment procedure you may submit other document certifying your English proficiency according to the CEFR. However, a TOEFL or IELTS certificate is indispensable to take up studies in the USA).  


* WPAE students from the vice-dean for teaching

The students planning to study abroad under another exchange programme, e.g. Erasmus+, in the same academic year must have the permission of the Institute’s/Faculty’s authorities already during the first phase of the recruitment procedure.

The results of the first phase of the recruitment procedure will be distributed via e-mail. 

More information: International Office, Main Building, Urszula Broda ( or Marta Bławat ( +48 71 375 27 03 or +48 71 375 27 05, room 109,1st floor.


Recruitment Procedure – II Phase

If you have been qualified at the internal level to participate in the programme, you need to register at the website, where you need to complete the application form. The start of application process have to be confirmed by the ISEP Coordinator at the University of Wrocław. Information about approval of your application by International Office at the UWr will be sent by e-mail directly from ISEP system.

In the application you have opportunity to indicate up to 10 American universities.

In addition, in the ISEP on-line application, you need to provide the e-mail address of one of your academic teachers. The system will send to him or her the request to prepare a recomendation in English for you. The recomendation will be enclosed to your application in ISEP system.

 through our office) documents that you need to fill in on-line, along with purchasing an insurance policy. Then you will receive documents required in the visa application procedure. After you have been granted a visa, you need to attend to financial matters according to the rules of the programme. 5000 PLN covering the cost of living of an incoming American exchange student should be paid into the following bank account:  

4 O/W-W
ul. Kuźnicza 17/19
50-138 Wrocław

PL 71 1090 2503 0000 0006 3000 0004

"udział w programie ISEP" and your surname

At the same time you can already register at out website and fill in the  form, which before your departure, as signed by the Institute’s director/director for teaching, must be submitted to the International Office along with the receipt of the obligatory payment specified above by 20 July (for a winter semester exchange) or 20 December (for a summer semester exchange). 


At this point those who did not have a TOEFL certificate during the first phase of the recruitment procedure should either already hold it or be in the process of obtaining one.
It must be submitted to the ISEP office in the USA along with your on-line application or, in exceptional circumstances, sent personally, at the latest:

  • for winter semester exchanges (departure in August): by 15 February
  • for summer semester exchanges (departure in January): by 1 September