Incoming exchange students

Exchange students usually spend at the University of Wrocław a semester or two. Some of them come back to Wrocław to continue their education at Master or PhD level as regular full time students.

If you want to spend some time at University of Wrocław in frame of Erasmus + for further information concernig applying procedures and deadline please visit the site.

If you are interested in other exchange programs please find your program in the menu on the right and go for further information.

Note that there is no possibility to study at University of Wrocław as a free mover. If your home university doesn't have any exchange agreement with University of Wrocław, we can offer you Study Abroad Program. For further details please follow the link.

Nomination Deadlines

  • 1st June (winter semester)

  • 15th October  (summer semester)

Application  Deadlines

  • 15th June  (winter semester)

  • 1st November (summer semester)

Academic Year

Winter semester from to
The preparatory course of Polish 19.09.2019 27.09.2019
Orientation days 30.09.2019 02.10.2019
Lectures 02.10.2019 04.02.2020
Exams 05.02.2020 18.02.2020
Resit exams 19.02.2019 25.02.2020
Christmas Holidays 23.12.2019 06.01.2020


Other Holidays                                              11.11.2019,  01.11.2019,  06.01.2020
Rector's Days* 31.10.2019, 15.11.2019



On Wednesday 30.10.2019 you will have classes scheduled for Friday

On Tuesday 07.01.2020 you will have classes scheduled for Monday


Summer semester from to
The preparatory course of Polish 10.02.2020 21.02.2020
Orientation days (schedule of the meetings at the Faculties) 24.02.2020 25.02.2020
Lectures 26.02.2020 19.06.2020
Exams 22.06.2020 05.07.2020
Resit exams 19.02.2019 25.02.2020
Ester 10.04.2020 15.04.202


Rector's Days*                         07.05.2020, 12.06.2020


*free days established by Rector