Useful information for exchange students

See the presentation from the Orientation Day

Your arrival to Wroclaw

The cheapest way to get to the Dormitory from the Airport or from Main Railway Station is to use a bus or a tram.

There is a very useful website which will help you in finding your way. You just need to fill out "travelling from"  (for Airport put: PORT LOTNICZY, for main railway Station: DWORZEC GŁ. PKP)  and "travelling to" (address of your hotel) fields and the program will find you connection and time of departure.

You can, of course, take a taxi, the cost is around 15€ or 20€  from the airport to the city centre and 5€ or 10€ from the main station. It is better to ask about the price before you take a taxi just to avoid dishonest drivers.


Wroclaw has an extensive public transport network. Trams do not run during the night, whereas buses run around the clock (night buses run only once an hour).

Public transport fares

Tickets are available at automated ticket machines which you can find at almost every bus and tram stops.

Upon your arrival, you can buy single-trip tickets in newsagents at the Airport or at the Main Station. You can also buy it on bus and tram using a ticket machine (you can pay by card only).

After entering the bus or the tram you must validate your ticket.

There is also a very useful website if you want to travel by train. You just need to fill out " from"  (for e.g WARSZAWA CENTRALNA - main station in Warsaw)  and " to" (WROCŁAW GŁÓWNY - main station in Wrocław) fields and the program will find you the best connection and the time of departure.


There is also a direct bus that goes between the airport and the main bus station with a stop in the city centre (pl.Domninikański). It goes every 50 minutes and the ride takes about half an hour. A single ticket costs 10 zł and you can pay by cash or card in PLN or EURO. Timetable


The University can provide International Students with a double and single room at our student residences called ‘Ołówek', ‘Kredka' and "Dwudziestolatka" which are situated in the city centre.

The prices of rooms are approximately:

Price List

The following prices will be valid from 30 September 2019 r. for accommodation in the halls of residence of the University of Wrocław (for students and PhD students):


  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), double room: 19,40 PLN
  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), single room: 33,60PLN
  • one month, double room: 582,00 PLN
  • one month, single room: 1.008,00 PLN


  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), triple room: 15,10 PLN
  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), double room: 17,00 PLN
  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), double room (more square metre space): 18,10 PLN
  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), single room: 26,00 PLN
  • one month, triple room: 453,00 PLN
  • one month, double room: 510,00 PLN
  • one month, double room (more square metre space): 543,00 PLN
  • one month, single room: 780,00 PLN


  • Dwudziestolatka renovated building division:

  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), triple room: 15,60 PLN
  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), double room: 17,50 PLN
  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), double room (more square metre space): 18,60 PLN
  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), single room: 26,60 PLN
  • one month, triple room: 468,00 PLN
  • one month, double room: 525,00 PLN
  • one month, double room (more square metre space): 558,00 PLN
  • one month, single room: 798,00 PLN


  • one night (30.09/01.10 only), double room: 16,10 PLN
  • one month, double room: 483,00 PLN


The students and PhD students of the University of Wrocław and other domestic universities which signed the agreement pay the fee for accommodation without additional 8% VAT. Other students and PhD students pay additional 8% of VAT tax.


Detailed information on fees is published in The Rules on Accommodation in the University of Wrocław Student Houses in 2018/2019 Academic Year.

The rent is paid monthly and upon your arrival you'll be charged additionally a deposit (650 PLN), which will be returned in the end of your stay after you check out and leave the room tidy.

Contact Details:

The application for Dormitory (only for accepted students) will be open

(to be confirmed)

List of students who got a place

To apply for the place in the Dormitory you need to get your personal student's number which will be sent to accepted students shortly before the application for the Dormitory will be open.

Read the Dormitory Regulation  


If you are coming to study at one of other Wroclaw Universities please contact directly the accommodation office:

Preparatory Course of Polish Language

Before each semester a 2 week preparatory course of Polish organize by the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners takes place.

On the first day of the course, you are invited for a breakfast  after which all the participants of the course are divided into smaller groups depending on the level of advance.

Each group has 3 hours of Polish (3x45 min) per day.

You can obtain 3ECTS for 100% of attendance!



Semester Course of Polish Language

We encourage you to take Polish Language Course during the semester (twice a week 2x1,5 h) provided by the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners - Szkoła Języka Polskiego i Kultury dla Cudzoziemców.


pl. Nankiera 15, room 6

Tel. 071 3752570

To apply for the course please visit the website:


10th September for the first semester

10th February for the second semester

You can get 6 ECTS:
1. regular participation (minimum 46h),
2. provision of two papers (homework),
3. obtaining positive results in the final test (minimum 50%).

Please note (very important)!

Students who do not meet the conditions mentioned in point 1 and 2 will not be able to take the final test.
Therefore, they automatically won't receive their grades and credits, and Polish language class will not
be included in the Transcript of Record.


Academic Calendar

Click here


If you often use trams and buses, it is a good idea to apply for the URBANCARD or during the academic year, you can activate urbancard throughout your student ID. In bus and tram stops, there are separate ticket machines where you can put your student card and buy a discounted semester ticket which is 185 zł for five months (one semester). Therefore, student card will also be your urban card. There are other options available as well.


  • 7-day, personal, all lines 30,00 zł
  • 7-day, personal, all lines (discounted fare) 15,00 zł
  • 30-day, personal, 2 lines (regular fare) 60,00 zł
  • 30-day, personal, 2 lines (discounted fare) 30,00 zł
  • 30-day, personal, all lines (regular fare) 90,00 zł
  • 30-day, personal, all lines (discounted fare) 45,00 zł
  • 60-day, personal, all lines  (regular fare) 170,00 zł
  • 60-day, personal, all lines  (discounted fare) 85,00 zł
  • 90-day, personal, all lines  (regular fare) 240,00 zł
  • 90-day, personal, all lines  (discounted fare) 120,00 zł
  • 30-day, bearer, all lines  (regular fare) 170,00 zł
  • 30-day, bearer, all lines (discounted fare) 85,00 zł
  • 60-day, bearer, all lines (regular fare) 310,00 zł
  • 60-day, bearer, all lines (discounted fare) 155,00 zł
  • 90-day, bearer, all lines (regular fare) 430,00 zł
  • 90-day, bearer, all lines (discounted fare) 215,00 zł
  • 4-month, personal, all lines (regular fare) 300,00 zł
  • 4-month, personal all  lines (discounted fare) 150,00 zł
  • 4-month, personal, 2 lines (regular fare) 194,00 zł
  • 4-month, personal, 2 lines (discounted fare) 97,00 zł
  • 5-month, personal, all lines (regular fare) 370,00 zł
  • 5-month, personal, all lines (discounted fare) 185,00 zł
  • 5-month, personal, 2 lines  (regular fare) 230,00 zł
  • 5-month, personal, 2 lines  (discounted fare) 115,00 zł

 To apply for the URBANCARD please visit their website:

Student ID Card

Student ID card (Legitymacja studencka) is the most important document for each student. You need legitymacja to borrow books from the libraries, to obtain discounts on public transport, cinema and museum tickets etc. You can get your legitymacja in the Dean's Office of your Faculty (Dziekanat).

It cost 22 zloty and you can pay for it only via bank transfer or at the post office using the special slip payment. It is different for each student and you need to download it from your USOSweb account: Student's Section-->Payments-->Uncleared Debts-->Download Payments Slip. When you get the stamp from the post office or bank on your slip payment you need to present it in your Dean Office in order to get your student ID card.

Office Hours of your Dean Office:

Faculty of Philology

Dean-Office, PL. Nankiera 15, r. 12

Monday         10.00-14.00

Tuesday         closed

Wednesday   10.00-14.00

Thursday       11.00-15.00

Friday            10.00-14.00


Faculty of Social Sciences

Dean-Office, ul. Koszarowa 3, r. 27

Monday        closed

Tuesday        9.00-13.00

Wednesday   9.00-13.00

Thursday       9.00-13.00

Friday            9.00-13.00


Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences

Dean-Office, ul. Szewska 48, r. 101

Monday         11.00-14.30

Tuesday        11.00-17.00

Wednesday   closed

Thursday       9.00-12.30

Friday            9.00-12.30


Faculty of Chemistry

Dean-Office, ul. Joliot-Cure 14, r. 9

Monday         10.00-13.00

Tuesday        10.00-13.00

Wednesday    closed

Thursday       10.00-13.00

Friday            10.00-13.00


Faculty of Biotechnology

Dean-Office, ul. ul. Joliot-Cure 14a, r. 0.08

Monday         9.30-14.30

Tuesday        closed

Wednesday   9.30-14.30

Thursday       closed

Friday            9.30-14.30


Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management

Dean-Office, ul. Kuźnicza 35, r. 2(II floor)

Monday        10.00-14.00

Tuesday        10.00-14.00

Wednesday   8:00-12:00

Thursday       11.00-15.00

Friday             closed


Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dean-Office, ul,  Kuźnicza 35, r. 20

Monday          8.00-12.00

Tuesday         8.00-12.00

Wednesday    closed

Thursday       11.00-15.00

Friday            11.00-15.00


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Dean-Office, ul. F. Joliot-curie 15, r. 28

Monday         11.00-14.00

Tuesday        11.00-14.00

Wednesday   11.00-14.00

Thursday       11.00-14.00

Friday             closed


Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Dean-Office, Pl. M. Borna 9, r.102

Monday         9.00-13.00

Tuesday        9.00-13.00

Wednesday   closed

Thursday       9.00-13.00

Friday            9.00-13.00


Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics

Dean-Office, ul. Uniwersytecka 22/26, r. 22a

Monday         9:00-15:00

Tuesday        9:00-15:00

Wednesday   9:00-17:00

Thursday       9:00-15:00

Friday            9:00-15:00


USOSweb account

USOSweb is your individual account where you can download the slip payment for your student ID card, check if you are registered for the courses you've signed in and at the end of each semester you can check your grades.

It's very important to check at the end of the first month of the semester if the courses you have chosen and signed in had appeared on your account. If some classes are missing you must report it directly to the respective teacher or your Dean's Office (Dziekanat) or Secretary's office of your Institute.

Your LOGIN is your Indeks number (your student's ID number). For the first log in you must request a new password. The system will ask you for the e-mail address. Please enter the same e-mail address you used to create your account on our website.

To log in please enter this website.


On this platform you have your University of Wroclaw e-mail address. All of accepted students should get an e-mail with the login details. If you missed it please reset your password here:


It is advisable to login in to office 365 ( before using eduroam, to make sure that your password is correct and your account is fully functional.

What is eduroam?

Eduroam is the secure service which allows students, staff and researchers from participating institutions get access to the WiFi network. Eduroam allows users to use their own credentials (login and password) from their home institution in every place where this network is accessible.

You can find more information on the webpage


How can I get access to eduroam at the University of Wroclaw?

If you are our student or a member of university staff, you have an account (login and password) in the Office 365 system, which can be used to login to the eduroam network as well. All you need is just a little configuration on your network device (computer, mobile, tablet etc.)


Many times I've been using the WiFi network and it's been damn easy. Why now does it sound so complicated (accounts, configuration, supplicants, certificates)?

Contrary to many other WiFi networks, where password is shared among many users or its lifetime and range are limited, getting access to eduroam you have to type your own login and your secret password. That’s why you have to be sure that your credentials are kept secure even when you are visiting other institution (university). In eduroam your credentials are never shared or locally checked but are forwarded to your home institution and only there they can be verified and validated.


I'm a guest at the University of Wroclaw, I was using eduroam at my home university, do I have to reconfigure my computer to get access here.

No. You don't.

Even if you got an access to our services (ex. USOSWeb or Office 365), but you still have account at your home institution, you should use that account and configuration and you don't need to change anything.


How can I configure my computer to connect to eduroam?

Most of the new OS (Operating System) like Windows 8.1 (and newer), Androids and Apple OS X, have all the features which are needed to connect to eduroam. Some of them require quite mysterious configuration (Android, see instruction below the text),  others working at default (Windows 10), but for the security reasons it's advisable to download the Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) from the webpage To do it, click the link "Download your eduroam installer", then choose "University of Wroclaw" from the list.


What is my login?

Your eduroam login is simply your email address in the Office 365 account. It consists of two parts: your student number (index_numer) plus (our university domain name). For example:

Bear in mind, that using our inner systems for instance USOSWeb ( is possible to type only your student_number as a login name, but in systems like eduroam or e-mail, which can be use all over the world, the login name must be globally unique and always must be written with the domain name.


What is my password?

The same password you established for Office365.

Registration for the Classes

Which courses can you choose?

During the first week you can attend as many courses you can. This is the way you can see if the content of the courses and the nature of the teacher respond to your expectation.  During the second week you attend only these courses wich you will you decide to follow whole semester.

You will get a list from the Teacher where you need to write your name, surname and OBLIGATORY your INDEKS number to register for the course. Be sure to ask the teacher about it!

There is one exception! For the courses from The Master of International Relation you can apply only on-line! (as far as there are any vacancies available) See the details on the timetable on our website.

Grading Scale

  • Excellent - bardzo dobry (bdb) - 5,0;  
  • Very good - dobry plus (+db) - 4,5;  
  • Good - dobry (db) - 4,0;  
  • Satisfactory - dostateczny plus (+dst) - 3,5;  
  • Pass - dostateczny (dst) - 3,0;  
  • Fail - niedostateczny (ndst) - 2,0. 

Sport classes

at the University Centre for Physical Education and Sport

Uniwersyteckie Centrum Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu

ul. Przesmyckiego 10, room B 51-148 Wrocław

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 14:00

Tel. 71  375 6262 e-mail:

Registration Schedule Summer 2017/2018 – PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Enrolment in PE classes will take place on the following dates:

  1. 16.02.2018 , 17.02.2018, 18.02.2018 between 8 AM and 10 PM
  2. 03.03.2018 , 04.03.2018 between 8 AM and 10 PM


Before registering for your chosen classes please read the ENROLMENT RULES

Each student who wants to sign up for the classes in the winter semester 2017/2018 should have 30 unspent tokens with 8545-WF code in the basket menu.

Bank Account

If you wish, you can open a bank account in one of the Polish banks. The only one document needed to open your personal bank account is a passport. The nearest bank facility from the University Main Building is a Santander Consumer Bank.


ul. Kuźnicza 17/19

Foreign Language Courses

If you wish to develop your language skills in other foreign languages like: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese,

please see the website of Studium Praktycznej Nauki Języków Obcych (choose the bookmark "Exchange Programmes") and check the time and place of the entrance exam:


pl. Nankiera 2/3

For this course you can obtain 4ECTS.


All incoming students from EU should be holding the European Health Insurance Card (blue card) for which they should have applied in their own country. Information about polish insurance: 

We hope not, but in case you need some medical help, you find professional care in one of the medical centers.


  • "LUX MED"

pl. Dominikański 3 (Inside Galeria Dominikańska building, 4th floor)

Information and registry open:

Mon-Fri               7.30-20.00

Sat                     9.00-13.00

  • "Multi-Medyk"

pl. Św. Macieja 8

tel. 71 3216003

Information and registry open:

Mon-Fri               7.00-18.30


  • "VITA"

ul.Oławska 15

tel. 71 3443201, 71 3437110, 71 3433556, 71 3432265

registry e-mail

Information and registry open:

Mo-Thu 7.30-19.00

Fri        7.30-18.00

Sat       9.00-13.00


Library Access

Fill in online electronic form available at:

Go to: the University Library (Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.) with the following documents:

  • electronic student's ID card, 
  • student's obligation card (to be obtained in your Dean's office, this is a document which confirms that all borrowed books were given back),
  • identification document 

in order to activate library account.

Website of Wrocław University Library

There are other public libraries in the city such as Ossolineum Library, which is one of the largest scientific centres in Poland, and Public Library of Lower Silesia, both located within few minutes of walk from the main building of our University.


Psychological consultations

  • Psychological consultations and psychological counseling is designed for people who are struggling with various kinds of difficulties or crises. It is for people who are experiencing depressed mood, anxiety, shyness, helplessness, who are experiencing problems in relationships with loved ones (partner, family, peers), for those which couldn’t cope with stress, studying, have concentrating troubles or have some problems with adaptation to the new environment.
  • Psychological consultations are simply helping to solve various kinds of crises and difficult situations – it is not identical with psychotherapy. Any person may sometimes need this kind of psychological support.
  • Any person who will enrolled for a consultations can take advantage of the free meetings with a psychologist.
  • Consultation and psychological support possible online during the coronavirus epidemic - contact:

Residence Registration in Poland

All students from EU countries coming to study in Poland for more than 3 months must register their stay in Poland. To do it you need to visit the Lower Silesian Governor's Office Office - Dolnośląski Urząd Wojewódzki.


  • Confirmation of enrollment in Polish  (you can find it on your on-line account)
    It is valid only with the signature of someone from the International Office!
  • Application form + 2copies of 1st and 2nd page
  • European Health Insurance Card + 1 copy
  • Passport or ID + 3 copy

Non EU Citzen

ONLY in case your visa is valid for shorter than your study period.

You need to apply at least 1 day before the end of the expiration of your visa:

How to apply:



Student on-line Account


Student on-line Account that you created on our website is valid during your study at the University of Wrocław. You find there documents such as:

  • "Confirmation of enrollment"
  • "Confirmation for the residence registartion in Poland"
  • "Attendance confirmation"
  • "Changes to Learning Agreement"

which might be needed after your arrival and before your departure.

Study Period Confirmation

Print the attendance confirmation from your account. You need to get a stamp and signature from our Office.


The attendance confirmation can be sign ONLY during your last few days at the University. It is a document which confirms your study period at our University. The "end of your period" date will be the same as the date of your visit in our Office.

Transcript of Records

Your Transcript of Records will be signed by your Dean’s Office.

You should print it out from your USOSweb account and submit it in the Dean’s Office so they can check it and approve it.

You can pick it up before your departure in the Dean’s Office or

Inform them to send it to you or your Univeristy.To do taht please use this form.

Remember that without the signature from the Dean’s Office your Transcript is not valid!

Students with disabilities

The University of Wrocław can offer some assistance to students/staff with disabilities, although the structure and  the position of the university buildings may occur difficulties for students with serious mobility problems. Limited number of rooms suitable for disabled can be offered in one of the student houses. Disabled students interested to study at the University of Wrocław should contact the International Office before starting the application procedure to make sure if all the necessary assistance can be provided.  

Download our student guide Jungle Book here.