Bilateral Agreements

The students of the University of Wrocław can apply to study abroad for one semester or an entire academic year at one of our foreign partner universities under bilateral agreements.  

Among others, you can go to Russia, the USA, Czech Republic, Germany, Kazakhstan or the Ukraine.

Please note: mobility to the Russian Universities will not be carried out until further notice.

In order to apply, you must first complete the first year of your studies.

The students who want to participate in exchanges under bilateral agreements and other programmes, such as Erasmus+ or the ISEP, in the same academic year should read the internal regulations of the Institutes/Faculties regarding different mobilities taking place during the same academic year. 

The International Office does not accept applications outside officially announced deadlines!

In order to take part in an exchange in 2024/2025 academic year, you must submit the following documents to the International Office by 25 February 2024:

  • cover letter (containing information on which semester the student is planing to travel),
  • two letters of recommendation from the UWr academic teachers, including one from the director of the Institute or the deputy director for teaching (WPAE students from the vice-dean for teaching),
  • certificate on overall average grade – the minimum grade is 4.0
  • certificate confirming English proficiency* or proficiency in the official language of the receiving country, at the level sufficient to take up studies (at least B2) – does not apply to philology students,
  • passport photocopy
  • confirmation of payment for tuition at the University of Wroclaw

3rd-cycle students should also submit:

  • permission for mobility issued by the head of doctoral studies,
  • permission of the supervisor,
  • plan of the research to be carried out at the host university.

The receiving institution guarantees free education. Financial grant or free accommodation depends on the university (check in the table below). The University of Wrocław participates in the cost of travel in the amount shown in the table below, other costs (such as the cost of visa) are covered by students themselves. 

Partner university  

Number of places per semester

Hosting University covers:

Co-financing for travel cost:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Bochum, Germany

 1 (only PhD students) scholarship none

Univerzita Karlova v Praze

Prague, Czech Republic

 1 accommodation none

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Greensboro, USA**

 3 tuition fee none

Ivan-Franko State University of L`viv

Lviv, Ukraine

 2 accommodation none

Zaporizhzhya National University

Zaporoże, Ukraine***

 2 accommodation none

S. Amanzholov East-Kazakhstan State University

Ust-Kamienogorsk, Kazakhstan

2 tuition fee none

Tomskij Gosudarstvennyj Pedagogiceskij Universitet

Tomsk, Russia

 10 scholarship none

Tomskij Politehnicheski Universitet

Tomsk, Russia****

 4 accommodation none

Sankt-Peterburgskij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet

Petersburg, Russia

2 accommodation none

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Seul, South Korea

 4 tuition fee none

Universidad Diego Portales

Santiago, Chile *****

 2 tuition fee none

Baltyckij Federalnyj Universitet im.Immanuila Kanta

Kaliningrad, Russia

 1 accommodation none

Tokyo Metropolitan University

 Tokio, Japan

 2 tuition fee none

Yeungnam University

South Korea

 2 tuition fee none

Chongquing University

Chonqquing, China

 5  tuition fee none

Gumilyov Eurasian National University

Astana, Kazakhstan

 10 tuition fee  none

Universidad Central *****

Bogota, Columbia

 5  tuition fee none

Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria Arequipa

Arequipa, Peru

 2 tuition fee none

Pusan National University

Busan, South Korea

 2  tuition fee none

Thompson Rivers University *

Kamloops, Canada

2 tuition fee none

University of North Carolina at Charlotte **

Charlotte, USA

2 tuition fee none

Saint Mary's University *

Halifax, Canada

2 Tuition fee waiver - Faculty recruitment, contact Erasmus+ coordinator none

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Faculty of Journalism

Moscov, Russia 

2 (only Institute of Journalism and Social Communiaction) tuition fee none

East Carolina University **

Greenville, USA

2 tuition fee none

*  some courses are paid;

** university requires a TOEFL certificate; mobility possible only in summer;

*** mobility to Zaporizhia depends on the political situation in western Ukraine;

**** Tomsk Polytechnic University also offers classes in Russian language, literature and culture;

***** classes only in Spanish, required B2 proficiency.


The students qualified for a mobility are required to submit to the International Office a  mobility form signed by the Institute’s director/director for teaching, and a copy of the Learning Agreement.



1. In the International Office:

In order to settle the costs of the mobility in the International Office, you should submit a copy of the Learning Agreement (with a copy of the Changes to Learning Agreement, if applicable) as signed by the coordinators from both universities, and a copy of the Transcript of Records. 

2. At the Faculty/in the Institute:

In order to have the grades received during the mobility transferred, you need to submit to the Dean’s Office or to the coordinator a copy of the Transcript of Records and a signed copy of the Learning Agreement.    

Contact person: Marta Bławat