[NEW] Master of Economics and Finance

Master Full-time studies in English Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics

The main objective of the course is to implement deep knowledge about the development of economics and related sciences and the relationship between them and other sciences and economic practice. Students will learn about the latest achievements and current research trends in this field as well as the significance of economic research  for civilizational development 


After graduating students will be able to use knowledge and properly set priorities for the implementation of tasks specified by himself/herself or others, with full awareness of legal regulations and ethical standards as well as correctly identify and resolve dilemmas related to the profession of economist 


Graduates will have skills to actively participate in economic and social life, be involved in the preparation of economic projects and in discussions regarding proposed reforms and ways of conducting economic policy, as well as think and act creatively, economize and rationalize his/her activities (time management, resources, develop an appropriate strategy for the labor market). Finally, use the acquired knowledge to advise others in this regard.  


Detailed study programs and courses' descriptions can be found here: click

Required documents
  1. Bachelor or Master degree certificate
  2. Transcript of grades/supplement from bachelor or master studies
  3. Certificate confirming  English Language knowledge on B2 level
  4. Passport photocopy
  5. Digital passport size photo