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Admission procedure step by step

  1. Please check admission deadlines, required documents, and the list of degree programmes that are available in English.
  2. Decision made? Please open an account here: https://international-applications.uni.wroc.pl/ and pay the registration fee.
  3. Fill out your personal data and choose programmes to apply
  4. Wait for the assessment*   **- it usually takes around 2 weeks from the date we receive a complete application and a registration fee payment
  5. Letter of offer received? Please log in to your application, accept the offer, and pay for the first year of studies within 4 weeks from receiving the letter of offer.
  6. If your payment is recorded on our account - we issue the Final Acceptance Letter and the visa support letter (if you need one, of course)
  7. Check what to do before arrival and right after. Take a look at our Academic Calendar.
  8. Please complete a set of documents (and make a copy of each one) that you need to register at our University to start your studies and receive a student ID. 
  9. Check our before and after arrival handbooks. Plan your trip and stay safe!

* please note that for Master in Data Science, Master in Medical Biotechnology and all PhD programmes, procedure looks differently. Please check it in programme details.

** To receive positive decision over your admission it is required to:

  • fulfill all requirements of documentation
  • fulfill other recruitment conditions specified for the selected program
  • stick to the indicated deadlines
  • receive positive opinion of studies coordinator