We organise group vaccinations for students of the University of Wrocław and for employees who have not yet been vaccinated! We are taking the opportunity of the so called "company vaccinations". What is more, there will also be an opportunity to vaccinate family members of our employees. We have created the relevant links. Sign up and you will soon find out when your vaccinations will take place.

We asked you earlier to sign up – so far 6,000 students and 3,000 employees have signed up. Therefore, we are opening the system again – this time we are not collecting your declarations of willingness to vaccinate, but these are particular registrations. Depending on the number of willing participants, on 10-11 May our vaccinations will start – for all willing students, employees and employees’ families.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Medical University, we will probably hold them in one of our buildings. This is what we are establishing. Now for you – students, employees and family members of the University of Wroclaw the most important thing:


HERE’S THE LINK – if you are a student, PhD student or employee and want to get vaccinated within the University of Wroclaw:

We are collecting registrations from now until 23:59 on Sunday 9 May.


HERE’S A LINK – if you are a family member of a University of Wroclaw employee and also want to get vaccinated as part of the “we vaccinate with UniWroc” campaign:

These registrations will last until Sunday, May 9, until 23:59.


You ask where the vaccinations will take place and what kind of vaccine it is. We will know this most likely tomorrow (5.05.2021)– as soon as we are 100% sure about these two important matters – we will immediately pass this information on to you as well.

We encourage you: take advantage of this opportunity and get vaccinated to protect yourself and others. The vaccination of each of you will bring us all closer to returning to the walls of the university to make friends and enjoy the charms of Wrocław.As the rector of the Medical University, Professor Piotr Ponikowski, said:

– We strongly believe that you will benefit from vaccinations, the popularisation of which is the only chance to restore normality, not only academic, but, simply, everyday. On 4 May, your registration begins – take advantage of it and take care of your safety, your families, and your colleagues.

We talked a lot about this during the last chat with the rector – Professor Przemysław Wiszewski. The rector of Wrocław University, encouraged and urged you to get vaccinated. To use the opportunity created by the University of Wrocław, but also to sign up individually from 4 May.