PROM Programme - call for applications

Another application filed by the International Office under the programme PROM – International Scholarship Exchange of PhD Candidates and Academic Staff has been approved!

The project allows UWr PhD students and academic staff to visit foreign institutions, and PhD students from partner universities – to come to the University of Wrocław. In this edition of the programme we intend to organise 95 mobilities.


We invite all persons interested in participation in the programme to submit to the International Office the following documents by 31.10.2019.

Application deadline for outgoing students is extended till 24th January 2020

A. PhD students (27 placements left):

a) cover letter including the planned date of the mobility and description of the expected outcomes of participation in the programme,

b) mobility programme approved by the academic supervisor,

c) certificate on the mean grade from the previous academic year – minimum 4.0,

d) certificate of minimum B2-level proficiency in the language in which the programme will be held,

e) two letters of recommendations in Polish,

f) initial confirmation from the foreign institution of the readiness to host the participant (e-mails will suffice) or registration of participation in a conference/summer school/course/workshop, etc.

B. Academic staff (10 placements):

a) initial confirmation from the foreign institution of the readiness to host the participant or registration of participation in a conference/summer school/course/workshop, etc.

b) mobility programme approved by the superior.

ATTENTION: mobilities of the academic staff are possible only to the countries outside of the Erasmus+ zone, so excluding countries of the EU, EFTA (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), Turkey, Macedonia (FYROM), and Serbia.

Persons who did not participate in the first edition of the programme shall be given priority.

All applications that meet formal requirements shall be evaluated on their substance by the committee appointed by the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Projects.

In the case of PhD students, the motivation for mobility shall be evaluated, with particular focus on the description of the expected mobility outcomes and the mean grade.

C. PhD incoming visits (25 placements):

The incoming persons should be nominated by their home institutions (units equivalent to the International Office). The application addressed to the project coordinator in the International Office should include contact details of the incoming student along with an e-mail address, proof of English or Polish proficiency (does not apply to the native speakers of these languages), contact details of the contact person from UWr, and a copy of passport, if the incoming student needs an entry visa to Poland.

We encourage academic staff maintaining contacts with foreign institutions to distribute this information among their collaborators at partner universities.


  • The goal of the mobility can be: active participation in a conference, participation in a summer/winter school as a student or instructor, participation in a course, training or some other short learning activity, archival or library search query, collecting materials/resources for a PhD dissertation or scientific paper, consultations with the staff of a foreign inatitution, using unique apparatus unavailable at the home institution, conducting classes.
  • The mobility cannot last less than 5 days and more than 30, assuming that designated funds will allow for the organisation of several 30-day visits. Days spent on travel are included in the total duration of the stay and should be indicated in the certificate, a template of which every participant shall receive after having signed the financial agreement.
  • Only persons under 40 years of age can participate.
  • Incoming and outgoing mobilities can take place between 01 November 2019 and 15 September 2020.
  • Financing covers flat-rate travel and living costs according to the rates laid out in the rules of the programme (available at the NAWA website: The programme also allows for the financing of conference fees, participation in courses, trainings, etc. until designated funds are exhausted (we intend to finance approx. 20 persons). Flat-rate for travel costs depends on the distance measured in straight line between the participant's  place of residence and the place of stay during the mobility, it may be estimated using the distance calculator at

  • For financial settlement one has to submit: a certificate including the description of learning outcomes signed by a representative of the host institution and the financial settlement form; also, an on-line questionnaire needs to be filled in. The templates of the documents and the link and an access code to the questionnaire will be provided by the project coordinator in the International Office.

Table 1 – Costs of travel, health insurance, insurance against accidents, civil liability insurance, costs related to visa proceedings and residence permit

Distance measured in straight line between the participant's place of residence and the place of stay during the mobility (in km):

Flat-rate per person:

less than 500

1 000,00 PLN

500 - 999

2 000,00 PLN

1 000 – 2 999

3 000,00 PLN

3 000 – 6 000

4 000,00 PLN

over 6 000

5 000,00 PLN

Tab. 2 – Cost of living

Number of days of stay

For an incoming/outgoing mobility to OECD countries, and also cities in countries outside OECD ranked in the top 50 of  MERCER2 report

For other countries


4 000,00 PLN

3 000,00 PLN


4 420,00 PLN

3 260,00 PLN


4 840,00 PLN

3 520,00 PLN


5 260,00 PLN

3 780,00 PLN


5 680,00 PLN

4 040,00 PLN


6 100,00 PLN

4 300,00 PLN


6 520,00 PLN

4 560,00 PLN


6 940,00 PLN

4 820,00 PLN


7 360,00 PLN

5 080,00 PLN


7 780,00 PLN

5 340,00 PLN


8 200,00 PLN

5 600,00 PLN


8 450,00 PLN

5 760,00 PLN


8 700,00 PLN

5 920,00 PLN


8 950,00 PLN

6 080,00 PLN


9 200,00 PLN

6 240,00 PLN


9 450,00 PLN

6 400,00 PLN


9 700,00 PLN

6 560,00 PLN


9 950,00 PLN

6 720,00 PLN


10 200,00 PLN

6 880,00 PLN


10 450,00 PLN

7 040,00 PLN


10 700,00 PLN

7 200,00 PLN


10 950,00 PLN

7 360,00 PLN


11 200,00 PLN

7 520,00 PLN


11 450,00 PLN

7 680,00 PLN


11 700,00 PLN

7 840,00 PLN


12 000,00 PLN

8 000,00 PLN

For more information please contact the coordinator, Ms Agata Nowak, International Office, room 36, ground floor.


phone: 71 375 22 11