Accommodation in Wrocław

Can you live in a pencil?

Most of the exchange students choose to live in one of the University dormitories in Wrocław: Ołówek or Kredka. Ołówek means "pencil"; check out the shape of the building from a distance - it is taller. The neighbouring dormitory is called Kredka - "crayon".

To rent a room before you arrive in Wrocław, apply by filling out the form available online at

The dorms have 17 and 21 floors respectively with single, double, and some triple rooms (all with balconies). Two rooms share a kitchen and a bathroom. The rooms are well furnished (bed, table, chairs, wardrobe, computer desk, cupboards). You will get bed linen which can be exchanged on a monthly basis (every 3 weeks). The kitchen however is not so well equipped, with only a fridge. Students are not allowed to leave their old cutlery and dishware for the next student. Therefore, it may be a good idea to bring a knife and fork for your first days. If you wish, it is possible to share your room with a Polish student.

Single rooms in both dormitories start at around 800 zł. Double rooms being around 400 zł per month per student. It is important that you pay your rent in cash and in Polish Zloty in the administration office of the dormitory.

What is everyday life like in the dorms? Well, it's a truly original experience for many; Erasmus life is in full swing here, and you can expect once in a lifetime experience, making many wonderful, lasting friendships. Dorm life may not be for everyone (especially those with a penchant for peace and quiet!).


Read the information below carefully before you decide to apply to live here.

Pros and cons the dormitories

+ comfortable rooms / close to the centre of the city / Erasmus life & parties

- closing hours / strict rules for visitors

Caution: On your first day please remember you are required to pay the caution money and the monthly rent at once. The caution money is as high as your monthly rent and will be returned on the last day of your stay in dormitory. You have to contact the administration of the dormitory atleast 7 days before your intention to check out, so that they can return the caution money to you. Please remember during your stay in the dormitory you take care of the cleaning of your room and when you check out your room should be in the same good state as you checked in on your first day.

Administrative rounds: Every night the administrative staff is required to make a thorough security check (from 2 till 3 a.m. in Ołówek and from 3 till 4 a.m. in Kredka). Meaning it is impossible to get in or out of the dorms during that time. Plan your night accordingly to avoid being locked out or locked in. In general please read the advertisements which are in Polish and in English on the announcement board.

Heating: The central heating systems in both dormitories are not activated until mid-October (but it depends also on temperature). Once they are on it is not possible to adjust the temperature in the rooms. Most part of the year this doesn't prove to be a problem but best to bring an extra blanket ,just in case. In general you bring one blanket and you can get second one , if you request the administration of the dormitory. On the plus sides hot water in the shower is nearly eternal.

Visitors: Visiting hours must be adhered to. Guests must leave a proof of identification at reception and it is left under your room number. All guests are required to exit the building by at least 11 p.m. Any guest staying past this hour may result in a guest fee being charged to the room. Of course, residents of the building are free to visit other residents without restrictions. If you have scheduled a party for not more than 15 people beyond this time, you need to inform the reception and administration about it and get written approval of the head of the dormitory.

Guests: If you want to have guests stay overnight in your room you must go to the administration a few days before and obtain (written) permission. Moreover, you must pay for your guests; your monthly rent doesn't cover this. Your guests may not stay longer than 4 nights in one month. If you wish to book a guest room, it is no problem - but you must book it in advance.

Washing machines: There are 4 washing machines available for free in Ołówek and 10 in Kredka. You must book them at the reception by signing the laundry room book. You will get the key for two hours. There is no dryer, but there is a place available where you can hang up your clothes to dry right next to the laundry room. If the list is full, or the washing machines are out of service, you can always take your washing to one of the public laundromats...

Internet: Each room has a broadband internet connection. The internet is included in the rent. You just have to fill in an application form (or register online) and give it back to the administration. You must supply your own DSL cable and for those in a double room a router may be required to allow two simultaneous connections. Setting up a wireless connection may require advanced computer skills.

Multipurpose rooms: Kredka and Ołówek contain activity rooms such as the TV room, learning room and games room (with table tennis). You can get the key for the rooms at the reception.

Shopping: Grocery shopping in the area offers you 3 nearby options. The first, being Carrefour right across the street. Pasaż Grunwaldzki offers an upscale option on the underground floor. For the thrifty shopper we recommend Biedronka, where you will surely find the cheapest food products in the city.

Administration: the office for both buildings is in Ołówek on the ground floor, open Mo-Fr 8-14.

Check in/check out: it 's possible Mo-Fr. On weekends only after agreement of the dormitory administration.

Language issues: Ołówek and Kredka may well be considered as a modern Tower of Babel but in fact English is, of course, the linguafranca among the foreign students staying there. Parts of Ołówek are currently under renovation to better attend to the needs of the growing number of foreign students living in the dorm. In recent years, the lack of English language amongst the ladies at reception, who play a significant role in your life has been a recurring source of genuine frustration. Kredka has the same problems but has many friendly Polish residents who are always willing to help a colleague out of a bind.

However, things are slowly improving in this matter.

Other rules: Because of limited rooms in dormitories, the students who have a reservation for the winter semester 2011/2012 are obligated to leave the dormitory before 31st January 2012.

  • Flat

Renting a Flat

If dorm life isn’t for you and you fear its rules, regulations, bureauracy and restrictions the city offers some alternatives: A private house or flat. You can either rent a room in a house/flat occupied by the owners (most often an old lady), or rent a room in a student's house where the entire flat is co-rented by students. Be careful with the first option. If you share a flat with an owner-family or an owner-single person, you should be ready to conform to their (sometimes weird) living habits. For example they might forbid you to have guests or force you to come back before 22:00. So before signing a contract always ask about the smallest details concerning your life in the house.

Living in a student shared house should be less complicated. Also it’s better to know the people you will share the residence with at least a little bit. Depending on the flat there could be single, double or even larger rooms. Important, although maybe obvious, before making a final decision always go and see the place.

Don’t rent it without seeing it for yourself, no matter how well you know the landlord or how much he talks it up. How much should it cost? Single rooms start from 450 zł and a place in a shared room from 350 zł.

If you are thinking of renting an apartment/flat in its entirety (then splitting the cost among you), you can expect the following: a double room flat starts from 1300 zł, a single room flat from 1000 zł.

The sooner you start searching, the better. By the end of September all the best located and cheapest rooms will probably be occupied, so you may end up having very little choice of flats that have relatively poor conditions. Don’t hesitate to tear off those little pieces of paper with telephone numbers from the announcements hanging on the bus/tram stops.

Go and see the board of announcements, which you can find in every academic building. Another good source worth recommending are newspapers, ask for: “Giełda Dolnośląska” (weekly with numerous announcements published every Tuesday), “Polska Gazeta Wrocławska” (regional daily) or “Gazeta

Wyborcza” (the most popular domestic daily newspaper). You should consider that many of the offers stem from real estate agencies.

There are also academic agencies providing information on flat rental (called Banki Stancji):

• Fundacja MANUS, plac Grunwaldzki 7/5, room 4, open Mo-Fr 9-16 on the Wrocław University of Technology Campus;

• Bank Stancji Zrzeszenia Studentów Polskich (ZSP is the oldest Polish student organization), Pałacyk,ul. Kościuszki 34, room 4, The offers are listed on the board of announcements in the corridor / hall inside the building and on website.

• Bank Stancji Samorządu Studenckiego Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego (Bank of Lodgings of the Student

Council), ul. Uniwersytecka 19/20. Here the announcements are also listed in a glass window next to the


Another option is to look for a flat via the internet. There are a wide range of web pages to help you finding the perfect flat. Try:;;

Remember that all these ads are written in Polish, so you may need a Polish native speaker to give you

a hand.

And finally, you can always go to the professional agencies, which advertise in many newspapers. It is a good option if do not care about paying a few hundred zloty for their services.

  • Hotels and hostels

Hotels and Hostels

Most of you will have guest during the stay in Poland: parents, sisters and brothers, friends. The first option is Ołówek or Kredka, but if your guests have higher expectations you should find a hotel. Go to the info point in the Rynek (by the Ready’s restaurant) or to a travel agency in order to check their offers. Furthermore you can find a list of hotels with the links to their homepages in the internet via two useful sites (in foreign languages): www.Wrocł and

Obviously the most comfortable and the most expensive hotels are situated near the Rynek the market place and ul. Kiełbaśnicza. Sometimes, however, they offer good discounts.

Definitely the low budget solution is to stay in youth hostels. Don’t forget that some of them have special rules like closing time from 10-18. You can find them also on the internet pages listed below.


www.wrocł | www.wrocł


Low-budget hostels

Międzynarodowe Schronisko Młodzieżowe Ptsm – Hotel Tumski

Wyspa Słodowa 10

Ph.: 71 3226 088 or 099


Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe

ul. Kołłątaja 20,

Ph.: 71 343 88 56



Mleczarnia Hostel

ul. Włodkowica 5

Ph.: 71 787 75 70


Cinnamon Hostel

ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 67

Ph.: 71 344 58 58