[NEW] LLB International and and European Environmental Law

Bachelor Full-time studies in English Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics

The foundations of the LL.B. International and European Environmental Law degree programme are fully in line with the Development Strategy of the University of Wroclaw. The field of study created at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław has a general academic profile, the subject of which is legal education in the specialized field of law on the protection and use of the environment. The programme treats human-environmental relations broadly, including in the scope of education both the human rights dimension and the area related to sustainable development. International environmental problems are complex and interrelated and should therefore be approached holistically. Therefore, the programme is comprehensive and covers many issues directly related to the use and protection of the environment. Students also learn about all basic disciplines of legal knowledge. The aim of the studies is to educate a specialised cadre of employees or entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competences in environmental law. 


Graduates can apply for employment in international or European organisations and institutions, other public and non-public entities, including institutions and specialist companies engaged in environmental protection, institutions responsible for financing environmental protection activities, environmental protection departments of companies and enterprises, non-governmental organisations working for environmental and nature protection. They can also start their own business. 


Detailed study programs and courses' descriptions can be found here: click

Required documents
  1. High School graduation certificate or equivalent with decision about nostrification (learn more about nostrification procedure here)
  2. High School transcript of grades
  3. Certificate confirming access to higher education in your country
  4. Certificate confirming  English Language knowledge on B2 level
  5. Passport photocopy
  6. Digital passport size photo