Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy is a dynamic and modern Faculty with many years of tradition. It comprises the Astronomical Institute, the Institute of Experimental Physics, and the Institute of Theoretical Physics. 122 Faculty members conduct a variety of research and teaching programs. It teaches around 700 students on Bachelor, Master programs and 49 on PhD programs. In recognition of the quality of teaching, the Faculty was twice awarded certificates by the University Accreditation Committee (in 2000 and 2005).

Areas of study: 
  • Astronomy
  • Physics

Areas of expertise include:

  • Astrophysics
  • Solar physics
  • Condensed phase physics
  • Surface physics of materials
  • Surface study of biomaterials
  • Applications of nuclear physics
  • Study of dielectrics and optical materials
  • Mathematical methods of physics in classical and quantum theory
  • Quantum, mechanical and field theory systems
  • Theory of fundamental interactions - mathematical foundations and models
  • Theory of elementary particles
  • Theory of condensed phase
  • Non-linear and complex systems

large lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, an astronomical observatory with a coronagraph and a telescope