Global Studies - a European Perspective. Call for application

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The application deadline for the international Master's course in  'Global Studies - A European Perspective' is approaching.

This programme is supported by the EU within the framework of Erasmus  Mundus and was awarded in 2008 by the German Academic Exchange Service  the prize: Top 10 International Masters course produced in Germany.

The Master's course is an interdisciplinary, research-based programme  offered by a Consortium of five European universities:

*Leipzig University (Germany),
*London School of Economics and Political Science (UK),
*Roskilde University (Denmark),
*University of Vienna (Austria),
*and University of Wroclaw (Poland)

and is maintaining a partnership with six further leading non-European  universities in the field of Global Studies:
* Dalhousie University (Canada),
* Fudan University (China),
* Jawaharlal Nehru University (India),
* Macquarie University (Australia),
* University of California at Santa Barbara (USA),
* University of Stellenbosch (South Africa).

Each student will study at least at two of the above indicated  universities, an experience which students highly value!

During their studies students will get familiar with approaches from  Global History and International Studies. Cultural Studies, Area  Studies, Social Sciences and other disciplines further contribute to a  wide ranging academic programme.