Medical Insurance


Health services in Poland are available for students from the EU or EFTA member countries, provided that they have valid medical insurance in the national insurance system of any EU or EEC member country. A valid passport, student Identity Card or doctoral student Identity Card and a valid Medical Insurance European Card entitles its holder to medical care services free of charge.

If possible it is recommended that students purchase their own international medical insurance prior to arrival in Poland. Otherwise students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries are required to sign a voluntary health insurance agrement with the National Health Fund (NFZ) and pay their own insurance fees. Detailed information about NFZ is available at

National Health Fund (NFZ), ul. Dawida St. 2, 50-527 Wrocław. Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00

In order to process and obtain health insurance from NFZ, you need student card, certificate from Dean’s Office confirming your student status and its duration, and a passport.

After signing a paper of application for health insurance, you usually wait up to two weeks and then go back to NFZ and sign the contract. With this contract, you go to ZUS Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych, to process and register this contract. You pay 46,80 PLN per month, until 15th of each month in Poczta Polska or through bank transfer. It is advisable to pay at the post office in case you will go to hospital you shall show the payment of your insurance in order to be entitled to medical services. The contract does not have expiration date, for it stops being valid when you do not pay the monthly fee.

As this insurance is valid only in Poland, if you want to travel to other EU countries you will need European Health Insurance Card which is given on the basis of NFZ insurance. The card is issued for two months period for international students in Poland and needs to be updated in order to be relevant.