• Sreang Chheat, Cambodia

    I am having an exceptionally great time studying here at the University of Wrocław. I get on very well with the professors at the University, who are extremely nice and knowledgeable. I received a very warm and cordial welcome from the people of Wrocław. Despite the city's rapid deveIopment, its citizens remain hospitable and friendly, whereas the university itself has become an important educational and academic center.

  • Jayaraj Manepalli, India

    Coming to Wroclaw to study as an Erasmus Mundus student was not out of choice in my case. Back home in India, people knew very little about Poland and I had so many question as I travelled to Wroclaw.

    When I first arrived, I was touched by the people's hospitality - everyone at the University went overboard to help us settle down. Despite anticipated difficulties due to the language barrier, I found that a comfortable number of people, especially the young ones, speak English, much to my relief. The people of the city are warm, smiling, friendly and always ready to help. If the people make the city great - I think Wroclaw is one of the best cities. I consider studying at this seat of intellectual activity for many centuries, as a great privilege. The rich academic tradition - that produced many noble laureates, combined with the experience of the learned faculty members gives one, a great joy in learning.

    The presence of so many students in the city makes you feel at home - with many regular activities and events aimed for the young and also for the young-at-heart. I was surprised that Bollywood (Indian) films have so many fans here! From rich decorated churches and cathedrals to beautifully designed houses, from cobbled-streets to the expressways, the city has the unique mixture of medieval and the modern - from Austrian, Prussian and Gothic Baroque traditions. They have resulted in the existence of many magical corners and my favourite places in the city. I am still in the process of discovering newer corners!

    Looking back, I can say that the whole experience has been enriching and exciting for me as I understood the culture and lifestyle better, discovered a genuine warmth and friendliness in the Polish people - found them to be similar in many ways to people back home and made many new friends.

  • Nandita Nirgudkar, India

    For me, coming to study the first year of my European Masters degree at the University of Wrocław has opened the doors to the amazing city of Wrocław and the beauty of Lower Silesia. University life here has a wonderful international flavour with students from all over the world living and studying together. The university's beautiful surroundings and classic architecture makes me feel part of the long tradition of academic life. Outside the university gates the city of Wrocław is lively, welcoming and young at heart and has become like a second home to me.

  • Georg Oftendal, Norway

    When I came here to study International Relations the timetable was so “thick” that it took me hours to decide which courses to choose. When I finally picked the ones I liked, I set out to explore the city of Wrocław. I quickly found out that there’s a party to crash almost on every corner and soon forgot the meaning of “boredom”. And if you’re not a party animal there are plenty of sights to see and shopping centers where you can easily blow your monthly allowance.

    Travellers will be glad to hear that Wrocław is only a 5-hour bus ride away from Berlin, Vienna, Prague, and Warsaw. So if you’re looking for a place to spend the time of your life with cool and friendly people, Wrocław should be first on your list.

  • Simon Watmough, Australia

    From the moment I arrived at the University of Wrocław I knew I had made the right decision to study here. Everyone at the university has gone out of their way to welcome the international students and help us settle in. The University combines centuries of academic tradition in a classical European setting with a contemporary curriculum and dynamic intellectual environment. And Wrocław's unique mix of Gothic Baroque, Austrian, Prussian and modern Polish cultural heritage makes it an exciting place to live and study. There's always something new to discover around every corner!

  • Lilin Yu, China

    Friendly, Charming and Dynamic - That's what I can say about Wrocław and the University after studying here for 4 months. No matter when I am taking classes, doing shopping, waiting for buses or just idling my eyes on the streets, I always find something new about the city and its people. Also worthy mentioning is the multicultural atmosphere brought by students around the world. It is an unforgettable experience meeting people from different cultures. And I feel happy and Iucky to be one of them!