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  • Can you live in a pencil?

    Most of the exchange students choose to live in one of the University dormitories in Wrocław: Ołówek or Kredka. Ołówek means "pencil"; check out the shape of the building from a distance - it is taller. The neighbouring dormitory is called Kredka - "crayon".

    To rent a room before you arrive in Wrocław, apply by filling out the form available online at


    Almost every student nowadays uses e-mail to communicate, but some of you will certainly want to send letters or post­cards back home from Poland. Branch offices of Poczta Polska are like communication centres: you can buy stamps, send letters, parcels, money, pay your bills, buy telephone cards and call from a telephone booth. They are open usually from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. In big cities there are also offices open 24 hours.

  • Most materials will be left by a professor at a near by copy point (xero or ksero) to be copied freely. Every university building will have multiple stations. Copy points can found all over the city and can be used to do many thing including binding. Need a whole book copied? No problem, just leave the book and come back to a fully copied and binded book. Feel like buying the book? Good luck, try Although, shipping prices may double your costs.

    Copy points In the centre:


    As the Polish climate is very variable it is necessary to bring different kinds of clothes. A warm coat and sweaters are essential for the winter months. A waterproof coat and sturdy shoes can be useful for the rainy days that occur often, especially in spring and autumn (some winters and summers are very rainy as well).


    winter: -5°C-0°C summer: 20°C-30°C, autumn: 5°C-15°C, spring: 5°C-15°C.

  • Laundry for those living in the dormitories can be a real pain. Kredka and Olowek each have a single laundry room with multiple machines meant to be booked once a week by each room. The laundry schedule is a weekly sign up sheet located somewhere in the building. Frequently this list can be full or offer no suitable options leaving an outside laundry service as the only option. Fortunately, below Kredka is a just such a Laundromat and service can be quite reasonble.

  • Forget about Euro... Zloty is your money in Poland

    Złoty is a fully exchangeable currency, so you don't have to worry about buying and selling it. In July 2011 the rate to the € was 3,95 zł = 1 €.

  • Wrocław is quite a big city and there is a variety of department stores, supermarkets and shopping malls. Supermarkets, malls and shops are open everyday. Some of the biggest shopping centres are located in the outskirts of the city. These offer free shuttle buses from the PKS station, next to the main train station (Dworzec Główny). Some of the Shopping Centres are just around the corner. Do not ignore the market places, where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, much cheaper than in supermarkets.

  • Language bookstores are in abundance in Wroclaw. Unforunately most are geared for Poles to learn our languages. But, of course there is some material to help us learn tricky Polish. Here are some recommended stores which are the best equipped for both handbooks to learn foreign languages and literature in different languages.