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Vaccination for foreigners staying in Poland

On the website www.pacjent.gov.pl, the National Health Fund posted an information about the possibility and process of vaccination for foreigners staying in Poland. If a foreigner has a PESEL number, he will be registered for vaccination automatically, according to the year of birth, and his e-referral for vaccination can be checked on the Patient's Internet Account. People who do not have a PESEL number, because they are foreigners, and have the right to stay in Poland, should contact a general practice doctor who can issue an e-referral for vaccination. In the patient's data, instead of the PESEL number, GP should use the number of the identity document used by the foreigner (e.g. passport, ID card) - during the vaccination, you should have the same document with you. You can apply for an e-referral for vaccination within the time specified in the vaccination schedule of individual age groups.

Dates of registration for vaccination of given age groups >>


With the e-referral, you can register for vaccination in one of three ways:

  • via the helpline 989
  • by sending an SMS saying: SzczepimySie to the number 664 908 556 or 880 333 333
  • directly at a vaccination point of your choice

Vaccination points map >>


Vaccinations against COVID-19 of foreigners legally residing in Poland are free.


The information source: https://pacjent.gov.pl/aktualnosc/e-skierowanie-na-szczepienie-dla-cudzoziemcow