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    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-1pm

    Wednesday closed

    Sorry for all inconveniences.

  • Due to the renovation of the room 109, the International Office - (only the staff from the room 109) will be relocated to the room 320 (3rd floor, Institute of Geography)

    The office (room 109) will be closed during its removal on the 5 - 6th July. In urgant cases during those two days please visit our colleagues in the room 36 (ground floor).

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

Psychological Support

Psychological consultations for international students

·         Psychological consultations and psychological counseling is designed for people who are struggling with various kinds of difficulties or crises. It is for people who are experiencing depressed mood, anxiety, shyness, helplessness, who are experiencing problems in relationships with loved ones (partner, family, peers), for those which couldn’t cope with stress, studying, have concentrating troubles or have some problems with adaptation to the new environment.

·         Psychological consultations are simply helping to solve various kinds of crises and difficult situations – it is not identical with psychotherapy. Any person may sometimes need this kind of psychological support.

·         Any person who will enrolled for a consultations can take advantage of the free meetings with a psychologist.

·         Applications and registration for consultations via e-mail: