Intercultural Workshops

Inter_Cultural Workshops For International Students at the University of Wrocław

Studying and living abroad is an enriching experience. But the first steps in a new country canmake you feel uncomfortable. It’s not easy to automatically shift to the new culture’s beliefs, behaviours and communication styles.

Do you want to find your intercultural sensitivity, develop your intercultural skills and discuss cultural challenges you can face during your studies in Poland? Are you interested in making your stay abroad even more enriching and horizon-broadening?


Inter_Cultural Workshops will help you understand the cultural aspects of Poland in term of culture diversity.

Why is it important?

During the workshops, you will discover how culture shapes our perceptions and affects our relations with the others. You will also broaden your knowledge on Polish culture and its main values.

By whom?

Ph.D. Patrycja Rozbicka conducts essential intercultural communication studies. She has a Ph. D. degree in intercultural communication. She specializes in the areas of refugee’sintegration, multiculturalism in society and culture, intercultural and visual communication.

Aleksandra Matyja - Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wrocław, Faculty of Philology. Hermain areas of academic interests are Spanish-Polish relations, intercultural communicationand migrations. She works as a lecturer, Spanish language teacher and intercultural trainer.

The workshops are held in the beginning of summer and winter semesters.

During the workshop you will:

  • develop your cultural sensitivity
  • get to know what the culture diversity and culture shock is and how to deal with it
  • become familiar with the most important values and characteristics of the Polish Culture
  • be able to ask all the questions about Poland you always wanted to ask
  • make some new international and Polish friends.

We have prepared an opportunity to learn something interesting, gain new competences andbroader view on varied intercultural topics. All of this will be conducted in friendly a andcooperative atmosphere.

The workshops are held in English. Participants always receive a certificate confirming attendance at workshops.

The participation in the workshops is free of charge.

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See you at the workshop!