Propaganda of the Communist Regime in Poland

European Cultures
Joanna Wojdon, prof. UWr.
Number of hours: 
2h X 15 weeks = 30 hours (1 semester)

To show the mechanisms and means of propaganda of the communist regime in Poland, using selected examples. To present large propaganda campaigns and the propagandist phenomena constantly present in the reality of the People’s Poland. Propaganda of the communist regime in Poland serves as a case study of the state, particularly communist state, propaganda. To develop the ability to analyse propaganda messages.


short written answers on the key question of each lecture, presented at the beginning of the lecture
final essay – an analysis of a selected propaganda artifact from the People’s Poland


Katyn – the foundation lie of the “People’s Poland”.
“July Manifesto” – propaganda in the first official document of the “People’s Poland”.
Towards the stalinization – propaganda campaigns in Poland from 1946 to 1948.
The system of propaganda and censorship in the People’s Poland.
Socialist realism in Poland.
The First of May as a propaganda event.
The role of school in the propaganda system.
Church in propaganda.
Black propaganda – March, 1968.
„Propaganda of success”.
Democratic opposition and „Solidarity” in propaganda.
Propaganda of the Martial law and its aftermath.


Knows in detail methods of transferring information as an element of propaganda activities in the Poeople’s Poland
Has an in-depth knowledge about the rules of communication in the People’s Poland that used symbols and artifacts
Has knowledge on mechanisms of influence of the communist authorities in Poland on the public opinion in order to persuade citizens to make certain political decisions
Knows main propaganda campaigns resulting from implementation of the political principles of the People’s Republic of Poland
Has knowledge on the ways of manipulating ethnic stereotypes in the People’s Poland
Knows the examples and mechanisms of using school in the People’s Poland for political purposes
Can critically analyse propaganda messages of the authorities of the People’s Poland, identifying their particular goals from the point of view of the propagandist and their place in the structure of communication leading to the political reality desired by the propagandist
Can identify concrete mechanisms and content structures that carry persuasive goals in the propaganda messages of the authorities of the People’s Poland addressed to the Polish society
Can prepare theoretical analysis of particular communication problems, also in comparative perspective.
Can determine historical and political bases for selection of topics of the communist propaganda in Poland.
Can show the cause-result chains in chronological perspective related to the permanent schemes of communication between the authorities and society in the People’s Poland.
Can compare propaganda of the People’s Poland with propaganda messages of other countries and cultural zones, considering the origins of differences.
Is aware of ambiguous character of cultural communication.
Stresses the necessity of permanent and in-depth learning of different cultures.