Disputed Past: History of Poland 1918-1945

European Cultures
Paweł Jaworski, dr hab.
Number of hours: 
2h X 15 weeks = 30 hours (1 semester)

Presenting the most important events of the history of Poland since 1918 till the end of WWII with the Central European political, social and economic background


essay, exam


the heritage of the partitions
the Polish way to independence and struggle for borders
the position of Poland in the Central European region
Polish foreign policy and the relations with the neighbours
the development of the industry
the national minorities issue
the way from democracy to autoritarian regime
the German and Soviet occupation policy during the War
the Polish Underground State 1939-1945
policy of the Polish government in exile
Warsaw Uprising 1944 in the comparison with other uprisings in Europe
The end of the War and “new Poland”


- has a basic knowledge about political, social and economic changes in the Polish lands in the first half of 20th century

- has a basic information about the historical events in the Polish lands in the first half of 20th century

- has skills to express the opinions about historical background of the development of contemporary Polish society

- is able to critically analyse himself historical and cultural context of the development of the contemporary Polish society

- facilitates communication between representative of different groups by explaining construction of historical  argumentation used in respective argumentation

- takes part in strengthening social cohesion by creation official historical narratives fitting other men culture without biasing or deforming facts

- can realize the meaning of historical tradition as a part of culture for building the identity of society