Summer School

Spanish language summer school in University of La Laguna in Tenerife

Spanish summer courses in Tenerife

From 6 to 19 August, 2012, the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Island) will be running two refresher courses, one for learners of Spanish as a second/foreign language and one for foreign conference interpreters who want to improve their Spanish and, eventually, add it to their language combination. For more information, please see this URL.

Summer School in Indonesia

University in Padjadjaran, Indonesia invites students to take part in Summer School. Deadline for applying is 30th May 2012. More information below:

Summer School in Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic

Masaryk University in Brno invites students to take part in summer courses in many disciplines. More information avalible in university's website.

Summer School in Konstanz, Germany

University of Konstanz invites students of political science, economics and sociology to take part in Experimental Methods in Social Science Summer School.

Summer School in Porto, Portugal

University of Porto invites students to take part in Summer School in Portugal.

Summer School in Riga, Latvia - journalism, communication, PR, advertising and film studies

University of Latvia's Department of Communication Studies invites students of communication, media, public relations, advertising and film studies to submit applications for participation in the second Riga Summer School that will take place in Riga, Latvia, from August 5 - 18, 2012.

Summer Courses in Granada, Spain

University of Granada offers Summer Courses in Centro Mediterráneo in Granada, Spain. Courses in Spanish will be held in June and July.

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