Post-doctoral grants in Portugal

Within the scope of the Open Call for Individual Post-Doctoral Grants, organised by the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT in the Portuguese acronym) of 2012 (, the Contemporary History Institute (IHC) is accepting applications from PhDs in social sciences, in the following subject areas:

- Territories and Societies;

- Comparative Political History;

- New State and Resistance;

- Revolution and Democracy;

- Defence Policy and International Relations;

- Economy, society, Heritage and Innovation;

- Work and Social Conflits;

- Power, Ideas and Culture.

Applications from PhDs in other subjects and subject areas may be considered by the panel, in accordance with the merit of the applicant and the project presented.

The applicants selected will be able to apply to the FCT with *IHC* as the host institution. More information on the FCT Post--Doctoral Grant Programme is available at

The competition is open until *June 27* and the results will be announced to the applicants by e-mail by June 29


The application should contain the applicant's curriculum vitae and the project to be carried out with the grant, in conformity with the FCT application form, along with an indication of the subject area for which the applicant is submitting the application.

Applications may be sent by e-mail to <>, (the subject line should be Post-doctoral Applications 2012), or by post to:

Instituto de Historia Contemporânea

Post-doctoral Applications 2012

Avenida de Berna, 26 -- C

1069-061 Lisboa


More information about IHC: