Summer School in Riga, Latvia - journalism, communication, PR, advertising and film studies

University of Latvia's Department of Communication Studies invites students of communication, media, public relations, advertising and film studies to submit applications for participation in the second Riga Summer School that will take place in Riga, Latvia, from August 5 - 18, 2012.

The summer school will welcome 21 creative and eager students from all over the world to Riga this summer for a two-week intensive summer school program, which will consist of theoretical lectures about various aspects of Riga identity and practical workshops in production of short films about neighborhoods of the Latvian capital. More information about the summer school and application form are available on Riga Summer School's web site:

During the summer school, each participant will work in a creative team and produce a 3-5 minute short film about a certain aspect of Riga to be premiered a the Closing ceremony of Riga Summer School on August 17. Each team will produce a short film on identity of a certain Riga neighborhood. Besides very intense workshops and lectures, for which students will receive 3 ECTS, they will also have an opportunity to participate in a number of social activities, arranged for them by the Riga Summer School team - students from Department of Communication Studies at the University of Latvia. Among them there will be international food evening, tours of Riga neighborhoods, sports and other activities.

The last year films can be viewed on Riga Summer School's web site at

Contact Riga Summer School:

University of Latvia's Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Communication Studies

Lomonosova iela 1, Riga , LV- 1019

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