Collaborative Assessment at the University of Wroclaw

Two courses in the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies program have adopted an innovative approach to collaborative assessment.

Students have been invited to submit their essays to an online learning platform for the purpose of sharing knowledge and collaborating. They can then comment on classmates' essays and link to them from their own.

This new approach to assessment allows students to learn not only from the class instructor, but also from one another.

Participating Courses

Empires, Power and Great Leaders in History

How important are great leaders to the rise and decline of empires in history? This course integrates Elliott Jaques' "requisite organisation" with the sociological theory of Michael Mann. For further information, see the course description and project page for collaborative assessment.

Learning from Failure in Immersive Learning Environments

How can experts accelerate their learning and rapidly adapt to their environment? This course explores cutting edge research in cognitive science that explains some of the physiological processes of learning from failure. For further information, see the course description and project page for collaborative assessment.

Publishing Student Essays

Excellent essays will be published with the permission of students on GPR Dehler's blog and Unexus' blog. We will also link to the essays from this page.

GPR Dehler

GPR Dehler combines 24 years of experience improving businesses with a profound knowledge of cognitive science to help organisations achieve new goals and strategies by rewiring the way they think and behave. For further information, see GPR's The Rehearsal, their website or follow @gprdehler.


Unexus is a global, web-based innovation platform generating knowledge through the relationships between projects, ideas and users. Their mission is to provide the world's predominant innovation platform directing knowledge to tangible and purposeful application. For further information, see Unexus' website or follow @unexustweets.