Study in English in Freiburg University, Germany

The University of Freiburg has recently established a University College
which will be offering a new course of study, starting in the winter semester
of 2012.

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) - an interdisciplinary, English-taught,
four-year Bachelor program.

LAS programs aim at an interdisciplinary, broadly based education of the
whole person. They have long played a central role mostly in the U.S.
educational system and have recently been established in a very successful
European interpretation in the Netherlands (Maastricht, Utrecht).

LAS at the University College in Freiburg is the first such program at a
public University in Germany.

We are especially aiming to recruit motivated, responsible young people who
have already developed their own questions and interests and aim to pursue
them across several subjects during their studies.

You can find up to date information on LAS and the University
College on our website: