Conference ‘In Varietate Concordia - United in Diversity?' 23-24 November 2012


Dear Sirs,
We encourage you to send us your projects of essays, for an academic conference: ‘In Varietate Concordia - United in Diversity?', which will take place in The Willy Brand Center for German and European Studies from 23.11 to 24.11.2012.

The European Diplomacy Studies Scientific Club, connected with The Willy Brandt Center for German and European Studies at the University of Wrocław, decided to organize the international conference, concerning the problem of a crisis in the European Union. We are convinced that a disscusion, among students and PhD students from many countries will be extremly fruitful and help to widen your perspective.

The event will be held in English. After the conference, some essays will be chosen and presented in a publication.

The discussion will pertain to four leading topics, which you can propose projects of essays to:

  • The Internal Integration of the European Union
  • Further Enlargements of the European Union
  • The Economic and Monetary Union
  • The Foreign Policy of the European Union

Applications ought to be send to:

Please remember to put the name of the conference in the subject line of your email, and the following part of the message have to contain such information like, your name and surname, the field of study and the university, as well as which panel you are interested to take part in and what is the topic of your essay. In the attachment, you are obligated to post an outline of your presentation, ca. 300 words. 

The application schedule:

  • Until 15.10.2012, you have to send a topic of your essay with the outline.
  • You will be informed about results by email, furthermore they will be published on The European Diplomacy Studies Scientific Club's website ( from 18.10.2012.
  • A full-length essay ought to be send until 18.11.2012.
  • If a full-length multimedia presentation will be displayed, it should be send by email until 20.11.2012.

All details and a full description of the conference, you will find in the attachment.

To obtain more information, please contact with organizers of the event by phone or email:
Bartlomiej Grzebyk
Phone number: +48 788 285 205


For more information from the organizers please contact Agata Nowak, e-mail: